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Your Quick Guide to Vasectomy Procedure



Did you know that every March, there is a surge in American men booking vasectomy procedures because they like to recover on the couch with a frozen bag of peas while they watch the NCAA men’s basketball tournaments? The hospitals are usually at max capacity during this period labeling it ‘March Madness’.

If you are thinking about getting a vasectomy procedure, you might be wondering about a host of things, like vasectomy benefits, and what exactly the vasectomy procedure entails. Keep reading for a brief guide on all things vasectomy.

What Is a Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is also known as male sterilization and is a procedure men undertake to protect against pregnancy permanently. It’s a very effective procedure, especially if you are not interested in having any more children.

The procedure itself is quite simple. There are two kinds of vasectomy procedures. Let’s look at them in detail.

The Incision Method

In this procedure, the doctor will make two small cuts in the skin of your scrotum. Through these cuts, the tubes that carry sperm (vas deferens) are blocked off. This is usually done by removing a tiny part of each tube.

The tubes could also be tied, cauterized (closed with an electrical current), or blocked with surgical clips. The cut in the scrotum is then stitched up. The procedure is routine and takes only about 20 minutes.

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The No-Scalpel (No-Cut) Method

In this method, the doctor will make one tiny puncture (hole) to reach both vas deferens tubes. Then the tubes of the vas deferens are blocked just like before by tying them up, cauterizing them, or blocking them with surgical clips. There are no incisions, and the small puncture heals quickly, so there’s no need for stitches.

You can reduce bleeding, and the risk of infection using this method. Recovery time is also much faster. Get a no scalpel vasectomy here.

Vasectomy Procedure Benefits

The main benefit of getting a vasectomy is you don’t have to worry about getting someone pregnant ever again. This is perfect for someone who’s already had all the children they wish to have or who aren’t interested in having children at all.

Remember though that a vasectomy procedure is permanent and cannot be reversed, despite all the information online relating the opposite. So only get the procedure if you are absolutely sure that you don’t want to have any more children.

Protect Yourself from Unwanted Pregnancies

Getting a vasectomy procedure is an easy way to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancies. It’s a simple in-and-out procedure.

Recovery is pretty straightforward as well. You will only need to rest for a few days after the vasectomy and you can start having sex a few days to a week after getting this procedure done.

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