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Your Design Trend Guide: Planning Stunning Small Bathroom Remodels



Did you know that remodeling a small bathroom can cost up to 75 percent of a large bathroom in terms of money, time, and effort? Homeowners think that because the bathroom is smaller, it will be an easier remodel but there are many ways it can go wrong.

If you are planning a small bathroom remodel, how can you make sure it is successful? Let us look at some of the tips that can make small bathroom remodels easier even on a tight budget.

Small Bathroom Remodels: Set a Budget

Before you begin the small bathroom remodel, you need to know how much you actually have available to spend. People who take the time to put a budget together tend to spend less in general on the remodel. Be sure that you ask for quotes from contractors so that you can have a realistic budget.

Always add a bit of flexibility in case of emergencies.

Choose the Right Tub or Shower

The tub or shower will take up the largest amount of space in a bathroom, so choosing the one that can suit your needs but does not overwhelm the space is essential.

For many small bathroom remodels, the best option is a bath and shower combo. You can get the luxury of both without taking up lots of space and without having to pay for purchasing both options. Bathroom Envy suggests to make the design even sleeker, you can add a single glass shower door.

Invest in Space-Saving Options

You can make your small bathroom even more functional when you choose options that offer storage space. For example, instead of going for a large mirror, you can choose a medicine cabinet with shelves. Think about a corner vanity, as well, and cabinets with lots of shelves and drawers.

You can install floating shelves and over-the-toilet shelves, too. If you want your sink to take up less space, choose a trough one and consider a wall-mounted faucet. Instead of having a towel bar installed on a wall, place it on the shower door or even the bathroom door.

Light Up the Room

The smaller the bathroom is, the more light you want to add. You will want overhead lighting as well as task lighting around the mirror. If you have natural light, you can enhance it by adding a mirror to the opposite wall so that it can reflect it.

Go With Experts

When planning a small bathroom remodel, you want to have experts helping you. They will be able to guide you in how to make the most out of the space while staying on budget. Choose a company that can provide renderings throughout the planning stage and that can offer warranties on the finished work.

Get the Bathroom You Want

Small bathroom remodels can be challenging but they can also be rewarding. If you want to get the bathroom you have always dreamed of, turn to our Home Improvement page for more!

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