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Why You Shouldn’t Do a DIY TV Mount Installation



Have you been longing to watch your favorite shows on your new flat-screen TV? Are you eager to get that beauty mounted on the wall right now?

Well, don’t rush into it without some help. While you may be tempted to tackle TV wall mount installation yourself not bring in a professional, this can have disastrous results. You’re risking irreparable damage to your television, and you’re putting yourself at risk for serious injury.

If this is raising some concern for you, read on. Here are the reasons you should have the professionals take care of your TV mount installation.

1. The TV is Expensive

On average, a television costs about $500, though it could cost even more. You don’t want to waste all that money you spent when the TV falls and crashes on the floor.

And even if the TV can be repaired, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for that service. Keep your TV safe with professional TV mounting installation.

2. Heavy Lifting

Thin as that flat-screen TV is, it can still weigh about a hundred pounds. Moreover, its design can make it difficult and awkward to pick up and carry. This is a hard task, and it could put undue stress on your muscles.

3. TV Mount Installation Requires Planning

Precision and accuracy are vital to mounting your TV. You need to be able to measure and angle the location just right for the perfect viewing experience. You also need to be able to assess the condition of the wall to ensure it can handle the weight of the mounted TV.

This is a process that requires careful planning and insight. Unless you are trained and skilled in these areas, you’re better off bringing in people who know how to install TV wall mount systems properly.

4. You’ll Get a Complete Set-Up

When the TV is on the wall, you may think everything is over with. However, you’ll still have to deal with hiding wires, installing soundbars, setting up surround sound, configuring you’re cable box and/or Blu-ray player, etc. The good news is that most professionals know how to perform all of these services for you, saving you lots of time and frustration.

All of these reasons should make it clear why you want a professional to hire professionals for TV wall mount installation. If you’re in Australia, Install My Antenna is the company to call. They serve various locations in the country, and they will do all the work from evaluating wall conditions to connecting all your devices to your TV.

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Install TV Mount on Wall With Professionals

Now that you see the complicated process that goes into TV mount installation, you can understand why you are better off seeking out a professional installation company. Seek out professionals in your area, ensure they offer the full service of mounting and device set-up, and rest knowing your TV is being mounted properly.

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