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Why You Should Take Kratom Tea?



Kratom Tea

Kratom is a tree that comes from a tree native to South Asia. The exact name of this tree is mitragyna speciosa.

There are several ways to use kratom, one of the most popular and useful way is kratom tea. Tea has a lot of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other forms of use which provide to its uniqueness.

Commonly with chewing leaves,  it is one of the most common ways of kratom preparation for those in Southeast Asia.

Why to take Kratom tea?

People who do not have fresh kratom leaves to chew, prefer to make kratom tea. Making of kratom tea is very easy.

It is beneficial and much cost-effective for people to use on a daily basis. There are several ways to make kratom tea, but some people have their preferred methods of making kratom tea, whatever, the way you follow to make the tea, it is always beneficial for human body.

How to make Kratom tea?

The things you need to make kratom tea are:

  • Kratom powder or Teabags (any strain like Red Borneo Kratom)
  • A deep pan
  • Water
  • Strainer
  • Heating Stove


  1. Put pan on the heating stove.
  2. Take one cup of water and put into the pan for boiling.
  3. When water starts boiling, add 2.5grams of kratom powder into the boiling water.
  4. Decrease heat and boil the mixture for 15  minutes.
  5. After 15 minutes, check out the color of tea. If tea becomes orange or dark yellow color, put out the pan from the heating stove.
  6. Take strainer over the cup and drain the mixture (tea) into it.
  7. Throw away the mater which is left in the strainer, and enjoy the tea.

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Benefit of Kratom tea

Some studies have found out about the great benefits of kratom tea, the some of the most interesting benefits are:

  • Pain relief

The fantastic benefit of Kratom is that it is a painkiller. Majority of people did not know that kratom tea has pain-relieving effects.

Kratom tea is beneficial for person’s fever, flu, menstrual cramps, headaches, organ pains, etc. The is tea is also used to defeat opiate addiction.

  • Boost energy

If you are feeling lack of energy, or you may want to set off the energy drinks for getting energy.

There are chances to harm your body after drinking the energy drinks.

Make Kratom tea for you, which increases to metabolic processes and hormone levels.

It further improves blood circulation, which occurs in more oxygen being carried.

It is showing that there are too many benefits in Kratom leaves.

  • Sexual tonic

An amazing thing in Kratom tea is that this tea can affect human’s sexual desires. Kratom leaves are identified to increase your sexual desire and potency.

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It makes the better flow of blood, and more oxygen being carried your libido and improves strength.


It is important to know that Kratom has been officially avaialble to use in many countries. It’s true that it has many health benefits, it still works similar to the herbal medicine, so, be aware to keep your Kratom tolerance level down withn the appropriate limit.

According to Kratom Reddit, the second thing which is very important that some people tend to forget is Kratom doses. The recommendations to use Kratom in the form of powder is from 1gm to 5gm which indicates low dose and from 5gm to 15gm is mean moderate dose.

If you exceed from 15gm could be very dangerous. It is recommended that people who are new Kratom users should start from low doses.

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