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Why You Need a Home Fire Escape Plan



There were more than 1.29 million home fires in 2019.

If you think this will never happen to you, think again because it could.

Homeowners can take many precautions to prevent fires in their homes, but they can also prepare for them.

One way to prepare is by creating a home fire escape plan.

While not many homeowners have these, developing one is vital for your family’s safety. Here is a guide to help you understand this a little more.

Common Causes of House Fires

Learning house fire safety tips can help you stay safe if a fire starts in your home. What causes fires to start in homes? There are several common ones, including the following:

When a fire starts, the flames can damage your home. The smoke from a fire also damages a home. All home fires are destructive and dangerous.

Ways to Prevent Home Fires

Creating a home fire escape plan is one way to protect yourself during a fire, but you might also want to take some steps to prevent fires from breaking out in your house.

Here are several fire safety tips that help homeowners prevent fires:

  • Never leave unattended candles
  • Address issues with your appliances
  • Install smoke detectors and replace batteries often
  • Don’t smoke in your house
  • Purchase fire extinguishers

You can learn more about smoke detectors and other fire-prevention tools by checking out Glasshouse Home Safety.

The Importance of a Home Fire Escape Plan

You can’t predict when a fire might start in your house, but you can prepare yourself for it by creating a home fire escape plan.

A home fire escape plan provides a way for you to handle a fire if one starts. You should have a plan like this just in case you ever encounter a fire.

If you have a plan in place, you and your family members will know what to do when a fire starts.

Once you create your plan, you should practice it periodically to keep it fresh in your mind. Practicing it is also vital if you have children, as repetition helps them learn, too.

What the Plan Should Include

Your plan should include two main things:

Ways Out of the House

You can discuss what options you have to exit the house. The best ways out are through main-floor doors. You can also leave the house through windows.

If your home has a second level, you must also create a way to escape from that level. You may even want to purchase a fire escape ladder to keep upstairs.

Where to Meet Outside

When creating your plan, include a place to meet outside after everyone escapes from the house. You can choose anywhere in your yard, but you should make sure it’s far enough away from the house.

Create a Plan to Protect Your Family

Creating a home fire escape plan can protect you and your family if a fire ever breaks out in your home. While you might never use the plan, having one is a smart move.

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