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Why Wind Turbines Might be the Future of Renewable Energy



Wind Turbines

Renewable energy accounts for 12% of our country’s energy use, while almost 70% of our energy comes from petroleum and natural gas. The problem with petroleum and natural gas is that these resources are finite. And they take millions of years to replenish.

Not only is our energy supply going to eventually dry up, but mining for these resources and burning them in our homes and cars is heating up the planet and destroying the environment.

It’s time we focus on finding energy sources that do more good than harm. And while solar power gets all the headlines, wind turbines are likely to be the renewable energy gold mine.

Wondering how wind turbines are going to be the most promising energy sources in the near future? Read on below to find out all about wind power.

The Benefits of Floating Wind Turbines

Wind power has been used for quite some time now as a source of clean, renewable electricity. All it takes is the installation of large wind turbines in areas with constant wind.

However, critics of the wind turbine cite the fact that producing enough wind turbines to power the nation, would effectively cover vast swaths of our environment with these turbines.

The result? An energy source that has a big impact on our environment, just in a different way.

But recent developments in wind turbine technology allow these to be installed offshore. There are currently floating wind turbines out in the ocean, receiving near-constant wind, and sending electricity back to the mainland.

These wind turbines sit on the surface of the water, having almost no impact on the natural world or wildlife around them. And people can’t even see them unless they are on a boat, so they won’t become an eyesore.

With this latest innovation, we can expect wind farms to pop up along the coasts of many countries in the coming years as a way to solve our energy crisis without covering our precious mountains, valleys, and fields with turbines and solar panels.

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Other Important Clean Energy Sources

Solar power has seen a massive increase in adoption over the past 10 years, and that growth will continue in the near future. And wind turbines are going to become much more common, without getting in anyone’s way.

But there are other clean energy sources that need more attention, as they can do just as much good.

Biogas is on the rise. Biogas can be converted into electricity. And it can also be used as a renewable form of natural gas. So this unique fuel source can be all-in-one power for residential and commercial applications.

Biogas comes from the fermentation plant matter, so it can be generated at all times, without using limited resources. Hopefully, we start to see this fuel source trending as much as solar power has.

The Future Is Bright

The future of our planet is bright. While we might be in the midst of an energy crisis, solutions are popping up everywhere as a way to power our modern society without destroying our beautiful planet.

Wind turbines are one piece of a big puzzle. Will they be the biggest piece in the future? There’s a good chance.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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