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Why Skid Steer Log Splitter?



Skid Steer Log Splitter

A skid steer log splitter is used for cutting the logs of wood into parts. Usually, the log splitters have an assembly of electrical or hydraulic rods and pistons. The equipment is rated based on the tons of force that it can generate. The force rating of a skid steer log splitter is directly proportional to the length or thickness of the rounds that can be split. Mostly, the log splitter used for the home should have a lesser rating, around 10 tons. The professional hydraulic models of skid steer log splitters must have approximately 30 tons of force or even more than that.

Small log splitters are usually intended to be used at home; however, many commercial units are now made available. If you have previously used old-fashioned ways of splitting the logs, you would know that skid steer log splitter is a much efficient option for your log splitting needs.

Much like a hydraulic log splitter powered by gas or electricity, a skid steer log splitter can help split the wood without the need for manual work. The significant difference that a skid steer splitter makes is that it is attached in front of the skid steer loaders and other construction vehicles.

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Skid Steer Log Splitter – Facts You Need To Know

Before getting a log splitter, you must first have a skid steer. If you already own a skid steer, your primary focus must be choosing the appropriate skid steer attachment. It is always advisable to invest in a good skid steer log splitter. It is because of the price difference that is reflected when investing in gas or electric-powered log splitters and skid steer log splitter.

An electric log splitter may cost you around $1,900, a hydraulic log splitter powered by gas may cost you as high as $7,000. If you want to invest in a high-end wood splitter, then getting a skid steer attachment would get your job done.

Another reason why getting a skid steer log splitter is preferable is because it has a universal mounting plate. You can attach it to any construction vehicle, that is, your skid steer loader on its front loading. The log splitter also has the option of getting customized opening sizes and wedges.

You can use a high-rated skid steer log splitter – having higher tonnage if you want to use the skid steer for powering your splitter. The units of log splitters are customizable in every aspect – right from horizontal, vertical, upside down (also known as inverted log splitter), and you can also get bigger opening sizes.

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Getting a perfect skid steer log splitter can indeed reduce your labor work, save the operator’s working hours, and there are several other outstanding benefits. But it would never be possible to make the skid steer log splitter 100% safe to use. One must first read the complete manual to have a harmless experience working with a skid steer log splitter. It is always safer to get the equipment handled by the trained individuals. This is because anything that gets caught between the splitting blade and the log is directly subjected to at least 10 tons of force. Also, the behavior of each wood and log cannot be pre-determined, so it is safer to have a safety zone established to prevent the injury that the splinters of flying wood can cause.

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