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Why Should You Choose an Orthodontist for Your Kid’s Teeth?




Many people assume that orthodontists are only for adults. However, this is a misconception as children need a specialist to handle their teeth treatments. In Canada, 57% of kids aged between 12–19 have had a cavity. About 32% of children have at least one sealant, which shows the importance of taking your child to an orthodontist.

It is not easy to choose the right orthodontist for your child’s mouth since there are many of them in Hamilton, Vancouver, and all over Ontario. Here is why you should choose an orthodontist North Vancouver for your child:

Appropriate Training and Experience to Work with Kids

Orthodontists in Canada are specialized dentists that focus on straightening the teeth and dealing with any bite issues. They have completed a four-year college degree, followed by a post-graduate residency program. It means that the doctor has enough training and experience to work with children and treat even complex cases.

Thorough Evaluation of Your Child’s Mouth

Typically, young kids – those who still don’t have their permanent teeth – only need to visit an orthodontist once every six months. On the other hand, older children who already have developed permanent teeth only need to visit an orthodontist once every year. It enables monitoring the development of their jaws, teeth, and gums.

Provide You with Clear Explanations About Your Child’s Treatment Options

Orthodontic treatments are not just limited to braces. There are other appliances that an orthodontist can use to help straighten your kid’s teeth. They will recommend a suitable treatment for your child’s age and needs. Moreover, they will provide you with a complete cost estimate without hidden charges or fees.

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Point Out Possible Issues Before They Become Serious Problems

It is not easy to tell which tooth issues are temporary and will go away independently. North Vancouver Orthodontists can easily spot potential problems, such as impacted or misaligned teeth, tongue thrusting, crossbite, and thumb sucking. By spotting these early on, they can help address the associated issues at once before they become serious problems.

Ensure That Your Child’s Teeth and Jaws are Working in Harmony Together

Once your kid’s permanent teeth start coming in, it is crucial to monitor the development of their jaw. If such growth is not consistent, your child can develop a severe condition known as an open bite.

An orthodontist in North Vancouver will check for this condition during regular checkups. If your kid is diagnosed with an open bite, the doctor can properly address it to ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw work in harmony.

Orthodontists make sure that everything is aligned correctly before closing up a treatment. Sometimes, kids need further treatments after braces have been removed. Treating such issues can be complex and should be performed by an expert who has the appropriate training, experience, and knowledge to do the job.

Work Closely with Other Dental Professionals

Orthodontists don’t just focus on straightening the teeth. They also work closely with other dental professionals to ensure that your child’s entire mouth is in good condition. It helps improve the appearance and the overall dental health of your kiddo.

You can feel confident when choosing an orthodontist for your child’s teeth treatments with these points in mind.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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