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Why NetSuite Is the Best CRM For Small Businesses



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Customer relationship management solutions centralize all of your customers and sales prospects’ information. CRM software collects information and keeps track of usage to help you manage client and business connections. These programs keep track of current and past leads, prospects, and clients. Every interaction, email, and meeting is recorded and analyzed by a CRM to improve customer service, boost sales, and optimize profitability.

For small business owners who wish to improve interactions with prospects, customers, and other relationships, CRMs are quickly becoming indispensable tools.

What is the Purpose of a CRM System?


Any customer information system – be it a cloud-based CRM or a CRM software on your server – must be capable of managing large numbers of contacts. From leads to business partners, you want to be able to store and manage data for all types of connections.

Many small businesses still use spreadsheets, inboxes, or even manual records to track these interactions. However, those “systems” will eventually be unable to keep up.

You could use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of information like name, email, phone number, website, address, customer type, and purchase date. CRM may track the firm size, lead scoring based on triggers, contact title, notes history, current sales funnel stage and thorough reporting, and more. If you are a small business, NetSuite managed services have the solutions to all your CRM needs.


How do small businesses make CRM work for them?

Customer relationship management provides a comprehensive picture of each customer’s sales, marketing, and daily operations. It is particularly useful for small businesses, where a few people keep track of all those operations.


The Need for CRM for a Small Business

Small business owners must make the best of every minute and dollar. To run a profitable business, you must manage time and money effectively. Implementing a CRM system is an excellent way to boost your efforts’ effectiveness while increasing revenue. Here is why CRM is essential to companies;

  • Having customer data such as prior purchase habits and interaction history readily accessible can help customer support employees provide better and faster customer service.
  • By accumulating and accessing customer data, organizations can detect trends and insights about their customers through reporting and visualization options.
  • Menial but important sales funnel, and customer service tasks can be automated.

A cloud-based CRM is, without a doubt, the best solution for a small business. You can have the Netsuite CRM handle partner relationship management, customer support management, sales force automation, and more without spending all your resources on a large crew!


What to look for in the perfect CRM?

As a small business, you want to invest in what is right, what makes it easier for you and helps you grow. Tools for managing your customer relationships can help you better understand your clients and boost client satisfaction and revenues. Giving each lead and customer a personalized touch as you communicate with them can result in happier consumers more quickly. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the perfect Customer Relationship Management solution for you;



It helps you focus promotions and produce leads according to where your business is succeeding or struggling by using CRM contacts. Because lead scoring and email follow-ups are automated, you can focus on developing original ideas that attract new customers. By focusing on and identifying your target customers and spending time selling to them, you can lower your marketing costs when using a CRM.


Support and Assistance

Suppose you’ve found areas where your customer service might use improvement. In that case, a good CRM solution can assist you in mending those connections for the long term. Data may also be useful for post-sale assistance because it helps clarify issues and help with problem-solving.


Management of data

Spreadsheets should no longer be used as a data management tool. Instead, look for a tool that streamlines all interactions with your clients. You need to be able to enter current contacts into the CRM, manage them with detailed statistics, and categorize them based on demographics and behavior to optimize marketing communications.



A customer relationship management system allows you to keep track of sales conversations, opportunities, and other data that helps achieve more sales. Activity reminders are common in CRM systems, reminding you to follow up later with potential customers. The system also helps increase customer retention. A complete picture of the consumer is provided, making it simpler to give them the greatest customer service and feel owned, resulting in loyalty to you.


Management of Tasks

Use a CRM with a calendar and other task management tools, such as scheduling appointments, creating task reminders, and creating to-do lists to manage action items.


Lead Scoring

All leads are not created equal, so let your CRM software conduct the research and locate the most qualified customers. By giving leads a score based on their interactions and response to your communications, lead scoring enables you to concentrate on and follow up with leads who are prepared to make a purchase.


Integration with Email

Confusion and duplication might result from keeping track of leads and closing transactions in a different system, such as your inbox. Instead of completely giving up on your inbox, look for a CRM that connects with Gmail or Outlook to update contact information whenever an email is sent or received. To make notes or start follow-up actions, look for features that let you.


Accessibility on Mobile Devices

Finding a CRM solution that can support your on-the-go lifestyle with a reliable app is critical because work doesn’t stop when you leave your desk. You must be able to access and manage your CRM from your smartphone to modify contact information, add tags, create campaigns, and communicate with clients.


Conclusion: Why NetSuite CRM?

Simply put, NetSuite CRM provides everything at a very good price. It helps you deliver exceptional customer service and experiences. It is possible as NetSuite provides you with data regarding customers, vendors, partners, and prospects all in one place at a glance. It also helps you develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns with streamlined execution across multiple channels. NetSuite helps improve sales by giving insights and forecasts by giving you a clear picture of the pipeline. Still, above all, it guarantees increased customer satisfaction. It provides instant access to customer information any time, everywhere. Each field can be changed, adjusted, or personalized to meet your needs.

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