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Why Keep Renting When You Can Buy a Home?



If you’re like most individuals, you may be currently renting your living space. It’s no slight towards you; buying a house can be expensive, with the average residence costing roughly $225,000.

Renting does have a few perks, but it also comes with many drawbacks. You’re constantly giving your hard-earned money to an individual when you don’t even own the space.

Why continue to do that when you can buy a home and call it yours? If you think you’re ready to stop renting, we’ll discuss a few benefits of buying your first house.

Cost Savings

One of the main reasons people stop renting to become a homeowner is the cost savings. Mortgage prices are typically lower than rental costs because rental property owners need to inflate costs to turn a profit.

When you buy a house, you won’t have to pay a premium on top of rent. You’ll only need to worry about your monthly mortgage payments, which are outlined by the terms of your deal.

Little to No Deposit

Everyone’s financial situation is different, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy your first house. Usually, you’ll need to put down a 10%–20% deposit of the property’s cost.

But if you don’t have that money, there’s nothing to worry about. Various programs have no deposit home loans, allowing you to land the property of your dreams.

Opportunities for Investment

The problem with renting is that there’s nothing to show for it. You make monthly payments each month and then do the same thing again the following month.

But it’s different when you own a home. Since mortgages are fixed-term contracts, you are paying into something you can get back if you decide to sell.

For example, if you had a 20-year mortgage and made all your payments, the home is yours after 20 years. If you sell, you’ll get back all of the money you invested in your property. However, if you rent for 20 years, you’ll get nothing in return.

More Privacy

When renting a space, you’ll likely be sharing walls, floors, and ceilings with neighbors, which could make you feel cramped. There may be a noise problem or other issues that you no longer want to deal with.

When you have a home of your own, you won’t need to worry about neighbors at all. If you want to watch TV loudly or blast your music, you can do that with no problem.

Buy a Home When the Time is Right

When you buy a home, a new world of opportunity opens up for you. Now your monthly payments will be going somewhere other than your landlord. However, don’t rush to make your decision.

Continue saving your money to make sure you have enough to cover expenses. All make sure to research areas and properties you could see yourself living in.

If you’re curious about more information on homeownership, please visit our blog for related content.

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