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Why Is Mental Health Becoming A Significant Issue?



Why Is Mental Health Becoming A Significant Issue

Mental health has been one of the most ignored and controversial topics in history. It was and still is considered as a taboo in different countries. People are shy to talk about how they actually feel and have a fear instilled in them to be labeled as ‘mentally unstable’ or ‘crazy.’

What exactly is mental health? Mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. It does not matter which age group that person belongs to. People go through so much in their everyday lives and consciously or subconsciously it does affect their mental health to some extent. Some people are expressive about it but the others are not.

Prolonged exposure to negative situations can cause harmful effects to the brain and these effects might be short-term and long-term. Even though no mental health in any regard is nonserious or insignificant but there are different levels or intensities to how they come forward. It also varies from person to person as some people have the ability to be emotionally strong but many others who are unaware of what’s happening to them, fall below the belt and undergo difficulties.

Mood swings, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, trauma-related disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders are all different forms of mental health issues. Anyone can go through these stages and it is better to fully understand that you are not alone in this and that it’s okay to seek help, from your friends or professionally. Telling someone close about it can also prevent the condition from worsening as deteriorating mental health affects physical health as well.

Why Is Mental Health Becoming A Significant Issue?

With the upsurge of social media and its vast uses, mental health is no longer a topic that is off-limits and there are many people who are coming forward with their experiences regarding mental health and how they were able to combat and overcome its phases. It really is all about your happiness in the end. Being genuinely happy and at ease is something that everyone wants and there is absolutely no harm in trying to achieve it.

There are many ways that can be incorporated in our daily routines which not only helps curb mental illnesses but also controls our brain to process information in a particular way. If a person is worried about everything all the time and grasps everything negative around him, there are higher chances for him to be anxious in some phase of life.

Practicing yoga can be a good way of channeling the body’s energy so that all the negative thoughts can be expelled and good vibes can enter the body. In this way, endorphins are released in the body that helps to keep the mood elevated. Another method can be the consumption of herbal teas like green tea, matcha tea, and kratom green tea. These kratom teas help relax the brain and contain components that help calm down the nerves of the body and serving to be beneficial for emotional well-being. Kratom is available in various forms (powder, kratom capsules, extracts, plain leaves) and types like maeng da, Red Bali, Sumatra, and Aceh kratom.

There is no specific cure for mental issues. Talking about these issues to close family and friends or practicing exercises to maintain your body’s way of responding is essential.

In today’s day and age where there are so many complications in our day to day lives and with so much tension going around, it is important to take out time for oneself and indulge in a much needed ‘me time.’ This can include anything that gives you peace and satisfaction in itself. It can range from watching a thrilling movie to eating your favorite food or even walking barefoot for 10 seconds on the grass.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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