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Why Best Coding Practices Are Essential to Front End Technology



Coding Practices

Did you know, on average, a software project can have up to 50 errors per 1000 lines of code?

If you’re working on a front end project, this can be a big problem, as these issues might affect user experience. Fortunately, if you focus on establishing a few ‘best coding practices,’ you should be able to keep errors to a minimum.

Below you’ll discover some tips that’ll help you establish coding best practices within your company. If you’re worried about shipping products with errors, these tips will help you minimize mistakes.

Let’s begin!

  1. Create a Best Practices Document

If you want to minimize coding errors, you should think about creating a ‘best practices’ document. This is essentially a document that lists some of the common mistakes people can make when coding a front-end project.

If you list these potential errors, people can keep them in mind when working on a project. Within this document, you might also want to create a few rules regarding how people should write code. This will help create a uniform code base, thereby making it easier for people to spot errors whenever they’re debugging a project.

It’s worth noting many other companies have created documents like this. Thus, if you don’t know how to create this document, you can just look at these existing examples.

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  1. Conduct Regular Reviews

No matter what you do, people will make mistakes when they’re writing code. Following this, you might want to establish a ‘code review system’ so you can spot errors before the code is published.

For instance, suppose someone is working on a particular feature, and they’ve completed the project. You might set things up so that another team member reviews the code after the project is marked as completed. This person can look at the code with a ‘fresh pair of eyes,’ which will help them spot errors the other person might’ve missed.

If the project in question is incredibly important, you might ask several people to review the code before it’s ‘shipped.’

  1. Bring in Expert Developers

If you’re working on a complicated project, it may be the case that your in-house team doesn’t have the right skillset. Following this, if you try to tackle the project, you might make a lot of errors simply because your team doesn’t know how to go about things.

If you find yourself in this position, you might want to bring on some front end developers from an external company like Briebug. If you’d like to learn more about how a service like this works, you can visit

Will These Best Coding Practices Help You?

If you implement these best coding practices, you should be able to minimize the number of errors within your codebase. If something happens to go wrong with your front end project, you should try to figure out what happened and why it happened. If you dissect the issue, you’ll be able to take steps so that the problem doesn’t occur in the future.

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