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Why Are Wedding Live Band Singapore And Wedding Cakes Singapore Some Of The Best Investments For Your Wedding?



Why Are Wedding Live Band Singapore And Wedding Cakes Singapore Some Of The Best Investments For Your Wedding

The ‘big day’ is coming and the concern of many brides is to think of all the final details of the wedding so that everything goes perfectly in the ceremony and, also, in the celebration party.

And there’s no way to talk about a wedding party without remembering the wedding cakes and wedding live band, right? In addition to being delicious, they are pure delicacy and are also part of the entire decoration of the wedding.

Therefore, the bride and groom must choose the right choice among the countless possibilities, and also the treats that best match their taste and, of course, the style of the wedding.

Well then! With that in mind, in our article today, we’ve put together why you should invest in Wedding Cakes Singapore and Wedding Band. So lets begin!

Why Wedding Live Band Is Best To Invest In?

One of the must-have items at a wedding is music. The songs are part of the entire bonding process, from the ceremony, with all the most memorable moments of the couple’s entrance, the godfathers and godmothers and the exchange of rings, until the reception with calmer and/or agitated music.

At party time, some couples opt for ambient music, but the vast majority still decide to hire professionals to play the songs live, which makes the atmosphere more intimate and enthusiastic, as a celebration of love should be. If you are still in doubt and want to know the reasons to place a band and/or DJ as “that something extra” to make the C-day unforgettable, see the considerations below.

1. Song exclusivity

By hiring vendors for the purpose of having songs played and sung live, you make the party unique. Usually the arrangements can be adapted, the professional – whether DJ, singer or singer – can say phrases dedicated to the couple and there are improvisations, as well as repeating the songs that most excited the guests on the dance floor.

Besides, in the case of a band, listening to the original instruments and feeling the vibration of the melodies make all the difference. It is possible to check if the contracted party has a defined playlist that covers various tastes and, mainly, what the couple likes.

2. Transform the style of the party

Music can transform the style of a wedding. If you know a country duo, a band that plays popular Brazilian music, pop rock, funk, 60s rock or a DJ that mixes children’s songs with 90s melodies, for example, it’s worth investing to have a list of hits from according to preference and type of link. Classically decorated parties can be packed with romantic tunes. Rustic, on the other hand, goes with certain songs with a slower pace for lunch or brunch and then more lively after cutting the cake.

3. Interaction with guests and the couple

It feels good to be a part of the party when there’s live music. The couple with fathers and mothers can release their voice at some point on stage. There are also professionals who, in addition to singing or playing, liven up the dance floor by coordinating choreographies, asking only women to chorus and then only men, inventing games with the songs, among many other entertainments. It’s worth checking if the provider offers this type of service, if you want.

4. More animation for the entire environment

The musicians know when the dance floor needs an incentive to get into the mood and, unlike recorded songs, they adapt to whatever it takes for each moment of the party, ensuring the necessary vibration. When a band is hired, it can adapt in the middle of the song, modifying, animating the audience and making everyone follow this proposal. Another important reason is that not all guests go to the dance floor, some are sitting at the table or in the lounge talking, eating and drinking.

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Why And How To Decorate Wedding Cakes?

The wedding cake, in addition to being a delicious dessert, is one of the most traditional symbols you can offer guests at your C-day reception, and that means you can invest in decorations to enhance it even more. The cake should be a reflection not only of the theme of the wedding decoration, as well as the couple’s personality, from the flavors to the way the layers will be decorated. If you choose a naked cake or coated specimens, the candy serves as a blank slate for different designs. To decorate your wedding cake, we have given some tips that you might love. So scroll down now!

1. Flowers

Perfect for a romantic production, the flowers can be artificial or even natural. That’s right, now our dear wedding flowers used in the event’s decoration invade the gastronomic sector as part of the food decoration, and mainly, the cake! Succulents, roses, sunflowers… The flower options are numerous and fit all styles: from classic to boho , the only requirement is that the cakes decorated with flowers match the rest of the environment.

2. Cascade flowers

And following the romantic aesthetic, it is possible to be daring with the flowers, adorning a basic model with colored or monochromatic species that go up the entire side of the cake , such as orchids and tulips, for example. This idea looks even better with a four- or five-story cake.

3. Geometric stripes

The white cake can be stripped of American paste to create a chevron pattern . The geometric element looks more elegant when using a monochromatic white-on-white color scheme. And finally: flowers on top to add smooth contrast to lines.

4. Fruit on top

If the taste of the cake will be some specific fruit or red and tropical fruits, take to the top of the wedding cake has the fruit in natura exposed, cut or whole. It goes well with the naked cake style , which is the famous cake without frosting, with the apparent layers of dough and filling.

5. Ruffle layers (Ruffle Cake)

For a simple and elegant wedding decoration in which the romantic style predominates, the traditional cake receives layers of ruffles made of fondant, the so-called Ruffle Cake . They are whimsical and artistic layers if you are looking for something to get out of the smooth effect . Works well with white, ivory and rose tea.

6. Custom top

It has already become a classic and many sweet shops are increasingly specialized in creating the perfect miniature couple, with the pet and/or objects that refer to something special of the two.

7. Golden rings

Another idea is to decorate the bases of each floor of the cake with golden rings that can be made with edible paint . Finish with bunches of white flowers such as roses, ranunculus and orchids to create a luxurious dessert.

8. Phrase or a word

A few seasons ago, many couples started to replace traditional cake toppers with metallic signs. You can customize yours, with a phrase or just one word: love, love, the couple’s initials or names . This suggestion is fashionable and goes beyond the obvious. Its an ideal for a minimalist wedding.

9. Marble effect

Have you ever seen marble cakes? This effect on the icing of the cake is totally unique for a modern wedding. It will be a good surprise for your guests if you are looking to show something that never happened in any wedding of your family.

10. Fall foliage

For weddings in the season when the leaves fall from the trees, there is nothing more beautiful than decorating the cake with leaves in orange and yellow tones, and as we are in a tropical climate, you can add red and green , which will stand out on the white cake or ivory.

11. Trio of cakes

Why have a wedding cake if you can have three? Instead of a single three-tiered one, a recent trend is to have three single-tier cakes of different sizes.


Don’t forget to schedule a tasting day to taste the flavors and choose the decoration with the cake supplier. There are times, such as the wedding dress and/or groom’s attire, when they can go separately (as tradition dictates), but with the choice of cake, it is important that they decide together! As you can see, the big day’s surprises start much earlier.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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