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When Is the Best Time to Buy a House in Nevada?



Would you be surprised to learn that the selling price of a home depends on the season, the week, and the day that you purchase the home?

We know that the summer is the busiest time for buying and selling, but did you know that winter is the best time to get a good deal?

Other factors that affect the real estate market are tourism if you’re looking in an area that attracts tourists, school schedules for families, and weather especially in a place like Nevada.

Are you thinking about buying a home in Nevada? Before you go any further, read this guide to find out the best time to buy a house in Nevada.

Seller’s Market?

The housing market in Nevada has favored sellers but is beginning to level off making it more even for buyers and sellers. For a time, the home prices in Nevada were twice the national average, but Nevada has seen a hike in housing inventory.

An increase in inventory is good news for buyers in Nevada because it will keep prices from skyrocketing. Buyers will enjoy more negotiating power because sellers will be forced to lower prices to be more competitive.

Best Time to Buy

If you’re trying to bide your time and get into the housing market in Nevada at the best time, what time of year offers you the most bang for your buck?

End of Summer

Whether you’re looking for new homes or cheap houses in Nevada, you’ll find better prices at the end of the selling season, moving toward the cooler months.

Toward the end of the summer months, also known as “home shopping season”, you may find plenty of home inventory leftover and nervous sellers hoping to sell their home before the new school year begins and people get busy again.

Winter Months

During the first two months of the year, home prices are lower than they are in late spring, early summer. During the home selling season, many of the homes on the market sell for over asking price.

If you can get into a home in January or February, you’ll find a nice selection of homes at the best prices.

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Is It Time to Buy a House in Nevada?

Now that you’ve learned the secrets to buying a house in Nevada, you can get in at the right time and start the next phase of your life. Work with an experienced realtor to guide you through the homes for sale in Nevada so you’ll get just the home you need.

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