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What’s So Good About Goose Down in Bedding and Clothing?



Everyone knows that down pillows and comforters are instrumental in getting a good night’s sleep on a chilly night. Down jackets are great for staying warm while exposed to the elements in the wintertime. However, the benefits of goose down don’t stop at warmth and comfort.

Continue reading to learn why goose down is often used to fill bedding and clothing.

What Is Goose Down Filling?

Down is the under plumage (the layer of insulation under the feathers) of geese, ducks, and other fowl. A down cluster is a round, fluffy clump of down with filaments growing in different directions.

Goose down is more expensive than its filler counterparts, but it is so worth the investment. Though the price makes it seem like a luxury, it will last so much longer than products with synthetic or feather fillings.

The factor of higher price comes from the fill power. Fill power refers to the size of the down clusters, and it helps measure the quality of the down being used in a product. Essentially, the higher fill power number means the item will have more loft (fluffiness) and warmth.

Why Is It Used in Bedding and Clothing?

Goose down is commonly used in bedding and clothing because it is a very effective insulator. This makes down jackets and sleeping bags more convenient for staying warm during camping or hiking in the elements. The material is also very breathable which means that even people who get overheated easily can still find comfort in down pillows and comforters.

Are There Health Benefits to Using Goose Down?

Quality sleep stems from being comfortable. You want fluffy, shape-retaining bedding, but a lot of bedding types give you one or the other. Goose-down bedding gives you the best of both worlds: the fluffiness of wool without losing its shape with use as you’d have with memory foam.

Goose down also aids in body temperature regulation. Its moisture-wicking properties work to keep you cool and dry all night long. Because it’s made of natural materials, goose down has hypoallergenic properties and it doesn’t attract fungi or bacteria.

Are There Any Downsides to Using Goose Down?

When exposed to moisture and the oil from our skin, down items can deteriorate quickly. Moisture problems stem from improper storage or improper cleaning practices. The simple act of using a down product means that the down clusters get crushed and the down compresses over time, causing items to lose their shape.

Most down producers use ethical methods to remove down and feathers from ducks, geese, and other waterfowl. However, some producers might not consider the animal during the removal process and cause them some discomfort.

Luxury Items Worth Every Penny

Goose down and duck down filled items are great for staying warm on cold winter nights or while camping in colder climates. Its insulating properties make it ideal for pillows, blankets, and winter jackets! While the items have been considered luxury items in the past, they’ve proven to be worth every penny spent!

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