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What to Look For in a Dual Shower Head



Dual Shower Head

When buying a dual shower head, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These include size, price, water flow, and features. These are all important considerations for any buyer. Read on to learn more!


A dual shower head system is an excellent way to enjoy two different types of shower sprays in one unit. This type of system often includes both a handheld shower head and a fixed rain shower head with a variety of different settings. The diverter valve controls the flow of water to the two shower heads. Diverters can be two-way or three-way and enable you to alternate between the two.

Modern dual shower head systems also help improve water pressure. Outdated shower heads lose their strength over time, and unwanted minerals can build up in the nozzles. Dual shower heads solve this problem by delivering increased water pressure to the body. They can offer different spray settings and a spa-like experience.

Dual shower heads offer a variety of settings, including full body massage, therapeutic rain shower massage, and powerful invigorating spray. You can choose between a rain shower head and a handheld one depending on your needs and personal preferences. Invigorating sprays are ideal for relaxing muscles after a long day at work. With so many modes to choose from, the two shower heads can deliver the best possible shower experience.

Dual Shower


Buying a dual shower head is an excellent way to increase the functionality of your bathroom. These units are easier to install than building your own shower. All you need is a standard shower arm and a dual shower head. Purchasing a dual shower head will give you the luxury of two showers, and you can use one to clean the other.

Dual shower heads are an excellent way to add style to your bathroom. They are typically equipped with two different shower heads: a fixed shower and a handheld shower. Dual shower heads can also function simultaneously and give you more options while taking a shower. You can choose between two that match your budget and your style.


Buying a dual shower head with a handheld can be an important decision. There are many types of these shower heads, and choosing one can be confusing. There are many different factors to consider, including the size and the features of each one. It is vital to invest in a durable dual shower head with handheld. The size of your dual shower head will depend on the number of people using it. You can also choose a dual shower head with 2.31 GPM or higher.

Water flow

The maximum water flow rate of each shower head varies depending on the type of valves used. Pressure balance valves maintain pressure throughout both shower heads, while thermostatic valves increase the pressure for each head independently. This allows you to control the flow rate and volume of water in each shower.

Diverter valve

Using a diverter valve to control water flow is a great way to save money on your new bathroom fixture. Typically, the federal standard for showerheads is 2.5 gpm, which would make two 2.5 gpm fixtures use 5 gpm in total.

The 6-Setting Diverter makes use of all four rough-in valve ports. The other three ports are outlets, which send water to a peripheral spray outlet group. You can select a diverter that has as many as six settings, or one with three settings. If you use a single diverter, the diverter should be installed in the shower door to provide easy access for all users.


A dual shower head system can be installed in your bathroom in a number of ways. It can be either handheld or installed vertically along the wall of the shower. Both types of dual shower heads can provide water in a cascade pattern. When choosing between two different shower heads, be sure to check their water pressure ratings.

install dual shower

When deciding whether to install dual shower heads, it is important to check your water pressure before installing the second shower head. Dual shower heads may require professional installation, the benefits will be well worth the cost.

If you choose to install a dual shower head, you’ll need to remove the first one first and clean it separately. You’ll need to clean the original showerhead separately for future use. Use a level to measure the exact location of the hole for the second showerhead. Install the second head parallel to the original to create a wider shower area.

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