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What to Know About Demons in the Bible



Did you know that demons appear more than 60 times in the Gospel? Some translations, like the King James Bible, call them “devils”, but nevertheless, they’re ever-present in the scripture.

You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about demons from friends and family members. But what does the Bible say about demons? There are a few things you should know.

Want to learn more about demons in the Bible? Read on, as we explain a few key things the Bible says about these servants of Satan.

1. Demons are Fallen Angels

Demons don’t just come from nowhere. And they weren’t created evil either.

The Bible tells us that demons were once angels. But they were corrupted by Satan and were cast out of heaven when they rebelled against God.

That’s why every demon exists to serve Satan. They act against God and try to spread evil across the world. The Bible says that when Judgement Day comes, all of Satan’s servants will be cast into hell alongside him.

2. Demons Have Lots of Different Powers

Demons have access to the powers of darkness, meaning they can carry out all kinds of terrible acts. In the Bible, they’re seen possessing people and animals, physically deforming people, and causing spiritual or physical blindness.

The good news is, demons are incapable of possessing believers. They can torment Christians and put lots of obstacles in their way. But they can’t take control of someone who gives themselves over to Jesus.

3. Some Demons Were Worshipped as False Gods

One of the key ways demons try to corrupt the world is by causing people to worship them. So, the Bible shows us several occasions where demons of one kind or another caused themselves to be worshipped as false idols.

One of the most famous demons to be worshipped as a false god was Beelzebub. It’s up for debate whether Beelzebub was Satan himself or a lesser demon.

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4. Demons in the Bible Know They are Damned

As the Bible tells us, good is destined to triumph over evil. Satan, the leader of the demons, and his servants will be cast into hell and will no longer be able to wreak havoc on the world.

It may surprise you to learn that demons know this. In the Bible, demons were shown to speak of “the appointed time”, indicating they knew they would be cast to hell when judgement day comes.

Conclusion Placeholder

There’s a lot to learn about demons. Since they make so many appearances throughout the Bible, even the most learned scholars might not know everything there is to know. Study the Bible and other texts for greater details on the history of demons and their role in the Bible.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about demons in the Bible. If you’re looking for more educational content, you don’t need to go far. Check out our blog menus at the top of the page and you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

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