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What To Expect When Calling a Mental Health Helpline for Teens



Mental health issues are prevalent among teenagers. Many teenagers experience positive mental health, but an estimated 49.5 percent of adolescents have had a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

With young people suffering from mental health conditions, this can have a significant effect on their everyday lives.

There are mental health helplines for teens that specialize in providing confidential support for young people in mental distress.  We’ve put together what to expect when calling one of the top counseling hotlines for teens.

If you find yourself in need of support, keep reading!

What to Expect During the Call

When you call a mental health helpline for teens, you can expect to answer a series of questions.

These questions are about your mental health and well-being. These questions are to help the specialist understand what may be going on with you and to offer you the best possible help.

You can expect treatment with respect and confidentiality throughout the call.

How Are the Conversations Confidential?

The conversations are confidential on the mental health helpline for teens. This is because counselors are bound by law to keep everything said in the sessions private.

Conversations are not shared with anyone outside of the helpline without the permission of the teen.

This allows teens to feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics without worrying that their information will be shared. The confidential conversations also help build trust between the teen and the counselor. This is essential for providing effective help.

What Kind of Topics Can Be Discussed?

The mental health helpline for teens offers support for mental health issues faced by teenagers. The helpline is manned by mental health professionals who are trained to offer support and guidance to teenagers.

Some of the topics that can be discussed include anxiety, depression, bullying, eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.

What if the Caller Needs More Help Than the Helpline Can Provide?

If the caller needs more help than the helpline can provide, they will be referred to a mental health professional. They can provide more comprehensive care. The helpline will provide the caller with the contact information for the mental health professional.

Like in Youthline New Zealand, they provide counseling by phone, text, chat, Skype, and in person. Most of their services are free, the rest are affordable.

What Makes Mental Health Helpline Special

Young adults and teenagers may feel especially shy about calling the mental health for teens helpline, even if they’re in need.

However, knowing that they will be treated with special care and confidentiality will make them feel more secure when calling the helpline. It is a safe place to talk about whatever is going on in your life and to get support and advice from trained counselors.

You can also access information and resources on mental health and well-being. Mental Health Helpline is a free service that is open to everyone 24/7.

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