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What to Do After Receiving a Subpoena From Your Licensing Board



There are three main types of subpoenas that can be issued against you. When you receive a subpoena, your first response may be to panic. After all, a subpoena usually means you are in trouble with the law.

You know all too well what can happen if you do not respond in the correct way. Receiving a subpoena is a hard blow, however, it is best to face it head-on and never to ignore it.

Here are some tips on what you should do if you receive a subpoena from your licensing board.

Do Not Ignore a Licensing Board Subpoena

Denial is usually the first line of mental defense when you receive a subpoena and you may be tempted to simply ignore it.

In most cases, if you do not make any objection to the subpoena in a week or two then you have forfeited your rights forever to object to any portion of the subpoena.

This means that your response to the subpoena should be about preserving your rights and complying with the law.

Speak to Your Attorney

When you receive a subpoena it can be tempting to start running all over the place and telling everyone about your problem. However, this is not wise.

The best course of action when you receive a subpoena is to hire a professional lawyer, and have your conversations with them. In this way, you will avoid saying the wrong thing to the wrong people which can hurt your case.

Know Your Rights

Although your first course of action should always be to speak with your attorney. This does not mean that you should not know your rights.

If a subpoena such as secrets of your trade or your business strategy. You can ask your attorney to object, it would ensure that your confidential information from your business is kept protected.

Some subpoenas will call for you to give out confidential information on your clients or even a vendor. This information is not yours to give out and it violates the rights of the clients and the vendors you do business with.

Here again, you can ask your attorney to object. You can learn more about how to respond here.

Keep All Correspondence

Whether you end up sharing the documents that the subpoena calls for or not you should go ahead and preserve the documents nonetheless.

Do not destroy or throw away any documents. If it is found out that you deliberately try to destroy documents you can receive sanctions from the court.

Take the Right Steps

The best thing you can do when you are issued a licensing board subpoena is to know your legal rights and to take all the necessary steps immediately. Failure to do this can result in severe legal consequences for you.

Make sure that you contact your attorney immediately and discuss the matter with them. Avoid discussing this issue with the wrong people.

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James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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