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What Local Businesses Should Know About SEO Trends



SEO Trends

Whether you’ve got a corner farm stand or a Main Street barber shop, you may think your business is too tiny to put much effort into internet marketing. Yet even local enterprises need a strong web presence to find customers. Here are search engine optimization trends to be aware of that impact local businesses.

Local Isn’t Lost in the Crowd

It’s easy to assume that small enterprises simply get swallowed up by giant conglomerates when it comes to SEO, given the massive expanse of the internet. Yet the major search engines want inquirers to be able to find results that are useful to them, and they are increasingly focused on directing them to resources in their own neighborhoods. You can do your part to ensure your company is found during a local search by including your address and service area in your business listing.

Video Is Critical

Once you rank amongst local search results, it’s important to tap into the trends that are driving SEO globally to stand out. For instance, featuring an abundance of visual content on your site may entice searchers to click through to your page rather than to that of another enterprise that returned dull-looking results after a search.

Since most business owners have their hands full with the day-to-day of their operations, handing your SEO marketing over to an expert in video content video content may make a world of difference in driving business to your site. Search engines are becoming increasingly demanding about visual quality, so employing a professional ensures your images are acceptable.

Don’t Fear Zero Clicks

One final interesting SEO trend to note is the rise in zero click-throughs. This is when people conduct a query but don’t continue to any of the listed web pages, and it can be a good thing for businesses with attractive search results. If the snippet that pops up about your enterprise is compelling enough, searchers may have gotten all the information they need. If your website traffic is down but more customers are saying they found you on the internet, it may be your effective snippet that’s drawing them in.

From ensuring you’re found in searches to drawing customers in with video content to not fretting about zero clicks, staying on top of SEO trends can help your local business be more successful. Don’t overlook this powerful marketing tool just because you think you’re too small to bother having a strong web presence.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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