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What is Modular Enclosures And It’s Benefits



What is Modular Enclosures And It’s Benefits

A Modular Enclosures is designed to be used inside the systems to protect electrical and electronic equipment and also helps to protect drives and controls of system. With the changing demand of businesses it provides flexible protection to the systems. They are designed in such a way that helps to bear heavy advanced loads and harsh environment while allows to use enclosures more easier and faster. In this article, we will see the benefits of using Modular Enclosures Systems that will help you to protect equipment efficiently.

Benefits of Using Modular Enclosures Systems

There are many benefits of using modular enclosures, few of them we will see here in this article. These systems not only are easy and faster to use but also save you a lot of space. It gives you more room for electronics. There are many benefits of using modular enclosures systems over traditional cabinets.

1. Flexibility in Assembly

To take long term benefits, it is necessary to have the ability to rearrange your cabinet. By using modular enclosures systems, it provides end user, designer and integrator the freedom to assemble it as basic or as complex whatever is good for them. It also provides you more door options that makes the work even more faster and easier.

2. Built to Last

These enclosures systems are thinner than the traditional cabinets but this doesn’t mean that they are of low quality or they losses their protective capability. It means the load is transferred from its walls to its vertical frame. That means the weight functionality is not lost here. Modular Enclosures systems are designed according tot NEMA standards that means they are full active and protective and will not loss any of the protection quality.

3. Infinite Configurations

Modular Enclosure systems come with built in holes that allows you to install your most important accessories easily without doing drilling or welding for holes. The holes are spaced at standardized units of measurement. Moreover, you can combine multiple frames together in order to make infinite configurations.

4. Faster, Easier, and Safer Installation

Another important benefit is they provide addition of rails that makes it to slide panels into or out of the front, side or rear enclosure openings making it more easier, faster, and safer to use as compared to traditional cabinets. It also allows greater opening which helps mounting larger mounting panels easily. Lastly, it is faster to load your electronics into the modular frame that saves you space, time, and money. The modular enclosure systems are light on budget and are super efficient.

Types of Module Enclosures

  • Instant Panel
  • Techno Module
  • Techno Module Light
  • Plug & Power
  • Busbar System

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