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What Is a Live Edge Dining Table?



Want to get nature indoors? You’ll want a live edge dining table ASAP.

Even before the first known examples of furniture, live edge tables were already in existence. They were an easy and inexpensive method to construct durable, long-lasting furniture. While constructing their houses, pioneers used raw wood slabs to make furniture like tables, chairs, and beds.

But, you might still be wary about how to care for your live edge table, or even how to buy the right one for your home. Keep on reading for our full breakdown on how to pick the live edge dining table of your dreams.

What Are Live Edge Tables?

One form of table is the “live edge table,” which is made from a single slab of wood.

The characteristic of such furniture is the exposure of the wood’s raw edges and blemishes. There has been no preparation of the wood. The exposed wood’s rough and organic grain is beautiful in its raw simplicity.

Each tree that has fallen has the potential to become a work of beauty by the skilled hands of craftsmen. They don’t try to hide the wood’s inherent character by covering up its knots, chips, and other flaws.

Providing both gorgeous and unique motifs and textures, this style has quickly become a household favorite. This is a green practice since it makes use of forest debris. Coffee tables, dining tables, seats, and other furniture pieces may all be found among the many types of live edge furniture.

The Origins of Live Edge Wood Furniture

The fascinating and complicated history of live edge wood is worth exploring.

The architect George Nakashima popularized it in 1946 when he created a series for the furniture manufacturer Knoll. The natural world inspired Nakashima, thus he often used a rustic aesthetic in his creations.

Some of the most desired houses in the whole nineteenth century were built between 1940 and 1965. Still, it’s not quite clear what’s brought about the recent explosion in popularity of live edge furniture if anybody ever really loved that design to begin with.

The problem is, it’s been there since the dawn of time, but it wasn’t until recently that live wood got the recognition it deserved thanks to famous interior design TV programs.

Do Different Designs Exist?

In terms of aesthetics, live edge wood is incomparable.

Every plank of wood has its authentic, unaltered appearance since it was harvested at different times. When comparing several species of wood, this diversity is very striking. Both the living edge and the piece’s particular construction contribute to its unique look.

The majority of individuals like the sights of nature, and if you are one of these people, you will likely choose living wood over dead.

Features That Make a Live Edge Dining Table Priceless

Because they are fashioned from actual logs, live edge tables showcase the raw, unaltered beauty of the wood from which they were hewn. Furthermore, they often include elaborate creative design. There is only one of each kind of live edge table in the world, so when you purchase one, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item.

The aesthetic value of live edge tables is matched by their practicality. A live edge table is a great way to bring a piece of nature into your house and serve as a continual reminder that you are indeed a part of the real world.

There is no such thing as ideal furniture, and there is no such thing as perfect wood. This is what sets live edge tables apart from the others.

You can use a live edge table for almost any application you can imagine. They may be found in the shape of a coffee table or a side table. They double as handy side tables, too.

The versatility of these tables as far as surface treatments is what makes them so popular. Live edge furniture is available in a variety of different wood treatments. One possibility is that you’re drawn to the wood’s natural light tone, while the other is that you like the richness of a dark stain.

Live-edge tables are available in a wide range of forms and sizes, as well as a wide selection of finishes. They will serve as the focal point of any room’s decor and be the topic of conversation at any party.

These tables are ideal for those who want a more industrial or rustic style. They bring the outdoors inside and add a touch of rustic elegance to any room. We are big fans of biophilic design, and live edge tables provide the ideal opportunity to feel closer to nature without leaving the comfort of our homes or workplaces.

How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Live Edge Table

To preserve its life, live edge furniture, like any other kind of furniture, needs regular care and upkeep. Live edge wood is cool because it isn’t porous, meaning it won’t absorb moisture and lose its luster with time. And since it’s created from wood or other natural materials, your live edge furniture will only look better with time.

Wiping live edge tables off with light soap, water, and a cloth is the very minimum required to keep them looking their best. The table should not be washed with strong chemicals or subjected to heat or abrasives.

Distilled water is preferable to tap water since it doesn’t leave behind any mineral deposits or other residue when used properly. Since they have been sealed and given a topcoat, they will continue to look great for years to come with almost any upkeep on your part.

What Is a Live Edge Table: Explained

Having a bespoke dining table created would provide you with greater freedom in terms of style.

You will have a say in the kind of wood used and the overall layout of the piece. Each slab is a one-of-a-kind work of art that celebrates the natural beauty of the wood in all its imperfections. However, if you have a custom table constructed, you may pick and choose which features you want and which you don’t.

Hopefully, our guide has shown the beauty of a live edge dining table. Next steps, you’ll want to check out our home and lifestyle section for more decor inspiration.

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