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What Exactly Does a Smile Makeover Consist Of?



Did you know that 70% of Americans feel self-conscious about their teeth? If you’re one of them, then you might go through a lot of trouble to hide your teeth when smiling, laughing, or even talking. Not to mention, it can take a huge toll on your self-esteem too.

Thankfully, there are dental procedures that can give you a Perfect Smile and your confidence back! Many people are opting for a smile makeover, which involves several treatments.

If you’re interested in hearing more, then keep reading to find out what a complete smile makeover consists of!

Initial Exam

Before any procedures are done, you need to first have an initial exam. You’ll get to speak with a dental professional about what you dislike about your teeth, and they’ll put together a customized treatment plan based on that.

So smile makeovers don’t entail the same exact procedures for everyone. But below are the possible things you might experience for full smile restoration.

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Teeth Whitening

Many of us have stained teeth, especially those who drink coffee, tea, or wine. Smoking can also discolor your teeth, as well as plain genetics.

Teeth whitening is one of the least invasive and quickest ways to brighten up your smile, literally!

Dental Veneers

If you’ve also got minor imperfections in your teeth in addition to discoloration, then veneers might be the better route. These are thin porcelain covers that go over your natural teeth to make them more even.

Your dentist will shape and color them so the veneers don’t look unnatural. This means they won’t be pure white, but will have just a slight hint of yellow/tan coloring.

Tooth Implants

Smile makeovers can also help with missing teeth. This means they’re not completely cosmetic, as this can restore not only your smile, but also your ability to speak and eat.

High-quality implants will essentially replace your missing teeth. This is because they have an artificial root (the implant post), as well as a fake tooth (the crown).

Dental implants are an effective way to stop premature aging since they can stop bone loss, which happens when your teeth are gone.

Braces or Invisalign

For very crooked teeth, you can get braces to make them uniform again. While there are traditional metal bracket braces, there are other options, such as ceramic and sublingual braces.

In addition, for milder cases, you can get Invisalign. You wear a clear tray instead of having bonded brackets put on your teeth. This offers you more flexibility and is more discreet.

Get a Smile Makeover to Feel Good Again

Now that you know what a smile makeover can entail, isn’t it about time to get things going? Speak to your dentist about getting smile restoration done so you can feel happy and confident about your teeth again!

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