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What Does a Videographer Do? The Ultimate Guide



When it comes to what does a videographer do, your mind may wander towards large-scale movie cinematographers. However, a job title as a videographer can mean many different things.

Perhaps you have an eye for capturing memories cinematically. Whether you’re wondering about becoming a videographer or wanting to hire a videographer for your next event, keep reading to find out just what a videographer does.

What Is a Videographer?

A videographer is typically a camera operator who records and possibly edits footage of events and other video productions. Most videographers are considered freelancers, either working for themselves or other freelancing companies. They may specialize in short films, documentaries, weddings, commercials, music videos, and more.

Many videographers stick to a certain niche, but other have skills that translate across many markets. Many videographers stick with one camera set up. They may do the lighting and audio engineering entirely themselves or have a small crew to help out with this.

What Does a Videographer Do?

So, what does a videographer do on-site?

Videographers, as compared to cinematographers, work on projects that are on a smaller scale than major motion pictures. They also tend to work by themselves, especially if they are first starting out. They may take on many roles, such as maintaining the quality of their gear, editing videos, and controlling the sound and lighting on set.

The roles of a videographer can be extensive. They are in charge of everything it takes to make a high-quality production video. Recording and editing videos are the main tasks they are responsible for and known for.

Videographers may be responsible for scouting out locations to shoot videos or films. Videographers sometimes have to gain a permit to record on certain locations.

They may set up the entirety of a set depending on the production size. They have to work well with others to maintain a consistent level of communication so that projects turn out well.

Collaboration with other creative minds is a necessary skill to have as a videographer. Videographers storyboard for films and write script analyses.

They maintain their equipment while making sure the equipment is in working order on shoot days. They are familiar with the editing process and work on editing footage once filming is complete.

Corporate videographers tend to record their company’s events for publicity purposes. They also are responsible for recording footage of products in order to advertise their brand.

They are ideally knowledgeable about film equipment in Singapore, including lenses, microphones, types of cameras, and more.

Videographer Jobs

Here are some of the videographer careers that are possible with the job title.

  • Documentary filmmaker
  • Short filmmaker
  • Feature filmmaker
  • Wedding videographer
  • Birthday party videographer
  • Corporate videographer
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Production designer
  • Producer

These are some of the job prospects of videographers. Keep in mind that the title of videographer can apply to many things. A videographer does not have to be limited to one type of project, style, or specification.

Many videographers start out as event videographers and work their way toward more creative videos such as music videos or short films.

Videographer Salary

A videographer’s salary, like any other’s, fluctuates based on the project and level of experience of the videographer. Right now, the average hourly wage for a videographer is forty-nine dollars and twenty-seven cents. That is over six times the national minimum wage average.

Annual salaries are reported to range from above two hundred thousand to as low as twenty-five thousand dollars. While this is a huge range, it largely depends on how many projects you take on, what kind of projects you do, how much you charge, who you work for, etc.

So, there are many factors to consider when it comes to what your salary will be like as a videographer. Especially as a freelancer, you may make a large portion of your salary in just a few months. This can leave the pay to be a bit unpredictable.

However, as the world is increasingly digitalized, videographers will continue to be in high demand.

The job outlook is also high because of people’s increasing interest in working for themselves.

How to Become a Videographer

There are several routes you can go to become a videographer. The first way you can become a videographer is by pursuing higher education.

If you have the time and money to receive a degree, this is a good option. You will learn how to work with expensive equipment while making lasting connections in a film program. If you otherwise do not feel a degree is necessary, you can always take courses online or in-person to gain some level of experience in education.

There are also courses you can complete that will give you a certain certification for videography. These certifications are not necessary, just as a degree isn’t necessary, to become a videographer. However, they do help teach you what it takes to be a videographer, give you experience, and help set your resume apart from others.

The biggest thing you can do to become a videographer is getting experience. Internships and apprenticeships help give you hands-on experience that will teach you a lot about the industry. Just getting on set, even if you aren’t the videographer, helps you see the responsibilities involved in filmmaking.

Videographer Prospects

Now that you know what does a videographer do, you can make the decision to either hire one for your needs or become one. The career prospects are long and only set to increase by 2029.

If there are other career possibilities you’re considering, read more on our ‘Business’ page to get an insider scoop.

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