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What Do Building Inspectors Actually Do?



Building Inspectors

The demand for building and construction inspectors has been increasing steadily.  This is predicted to continue for some time. With a solid annual wage, low barrier to entry, and interesting work life, becoming a building inspector might be the ideal career for you.

So what does a building inspector actually do? And how do they contribute towards a construction project? Well, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about building and construction inspectors.

What Is a Building Inspector?

The role of a building inspector is to inspect buildings and make sure they are safe to use. They are usually employed by governments, federal agencies, or private firms. They can also work as private consultants.

Building inspectors get to work on a variety of interesting projects. This includes brand new developments and remodeling jobs.

Building inspectors must use their regulatory knowledge to examine new constructions. They then ensure that all state and local safety standards are met. Building inspectors can have different expertise depending on what they’re called in to examine.

Some inspectors will check the building’s structure while others might check the fire extinguishers, plumbing, or the building’s electrical system.

A building inspector’s job is very important. Their main duty is to ensure that proper safety standards have been met. If they feel that this is not the case, they will flag the project for repair/correction until it can pass their examination.

What Does a Building Inspector Do?

Building inspectors study construction, engineering, and regulatory concepts. They then examine a building to check if it’s safe for use. They can find solutions to key problems and are adept at processing complex information.

After an examination of the structure, the construction and building inspector must then evaluate and report the results of his findings. This requires them to have good communication skills.

Building inspectors are professionals in their field with a keen eye for detail. State governments and companies rely on building inspectors to ensure that strict safety standards are met on all new constructions. Only once the building inspector signs off on the building is it sold or released for occupancy.

When homeowners want to make alterations or additions, they must apply for a permit. They must then call in a construction inspector to oversee the process. The inspector will make sure they are doing everything legally and safely.

If a homeowner is making illegal additions to their home or violating safety codes, the inspector will flag this. The homeowner is then given a certain amount of time to make the needed corrections.

If you’re planning on making any changes to your home, you’ll need some guidance on what you can and can’t do. So, make sure to hire the best building inspector you can.

Building inspectors must carry out their work in a meticulous fashion. This is to make sure that no problems arise after a building’s development. If issues are identified, the construction inspector himself may be held liable.

There are different kinds of building inspectors that work in different specialties. Depending on which specialty they operate in, their duties may differ.

Specific Job Information

Building inspectors require a number of important skills. Most important are engineering and construction knowledge, and clear communication and reporting.

Furthermore, building inspectors may decide to work in specialty niches. These include plumbing, electrical, or mechanical. The required skills are slightly different, depending on which specialty they choose.

A building inspector who inspects electrical systems will need to understand how to look for faulty wires and motors. He must also know how electrical systems work and what the safety standards are.

Mechanical inspectors check air conditioning systems and heating ventilation. They may also examine gas appliances and other mechanical systems. The inspector must ensure that all systems were installed according to adequate safety standards.

Plumbing inspectors examine a building’s water lines. Water lines and plumbing systems must follow strict safety guidelines. They will also examine the building’s sanitation system. This is to ensure waste disposal is done in the correct manner.

What’s a typical work week for a construction inspector? It usually involves going to different building sites to investigate building standards. Building inspectors will also need to check for any code violations.

The inspector then compiles a report of his findings. This includes any changes or repairs that he feels are necessary.

The employment outlook for building inspectors is good. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities have been growing at a rate above average since 2018. This trend is predicted to continue until 2028.

The mean annual salary for building and construction inspectors in 2018 was $63,150. Salaries depend on your experience, education, and field of specialization.

How to Become a Building Inspector

Does becoming a building inspector sound appealing to you? If so, you need to know what qualifications and specific skills you need for the job.

Most governments and private companies require a building inspector to hold at least a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree in a subject like construction management, engineering, or architecture is usually required for further career advancement.

Construction management or construction technology degree programs aren’t easy. Students will need to complete courses in mathematics, economics, and engineering. Students will also learn about construction-related IT software.

Building inspectors are usually required to hold a certificate or license. The type of certification you need will depend on where you work. For example, different states may issue different certifications.

Building inspectors may apply for certification once they have a certain amount of experience in the field.

Building Inspectors Keep Us Safe

A building inspector is one of those jobs that most people don’t even know about. In truth, we should all be thankful to building inspectors for having a safe place to live and work.

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