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What Are the Different Types of Porcelain That Exist Today?



Can you believe that porcelain was invented in China as far back as the very first century?

Ever since then, porcelain has become a symbol of luxury and elegance. There is no better material for an elegant dinnerware set. Plus, they make some of the most beautiful vases of all time.

If you’ve seen porcelain before, then you know it’s worth the investment. Are you scratching your head about the options that are available to you? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of porcelain that exist today.

Bone China

If you want to get the best porcelain, then you can’t go wrong with the ever-fascinating bone China. This is made from a combination of hard-paste porcelain and bone ash. Hard-paste porcelain is a combination of kaolin and petunse while bone ash comes from burned animal bones, such as those from cows.

The reason bone ash is used is due to some of its helpful properties. For instance, phosphoric acid and lime found inside the ingredient help to bring the rest of the ingredients together, creating a much stronger final product.

The oldest type of Bone China dates back to the middle of the 18th century.

Blue and White Porcelain

When it comes to Chinese porcelain, most people imagine the alluring combination of blue and white found on porcelain from the Qing Dynasty.

This is also one of the earliest types of porcelain ever. Since it was so popular, pieces of it spread across the world.

The older types of plates can end up being worth a fortune. Do you think you might have something that dates from the Qing Dynasty, for instance? If so, check out the Chinese pottery marks linked here.

Soft-Paste Porcelain

Whether you’re collecting dinnerware or want one set you can rely on, soft-paste porcelain is an affordable option that still looks amazing. It’s called soft-paste porcelain because it’s heated at a lower temperature than hard-paste porcelain.

This allows for easy manipulation of the paste during the creation process. Some of the differences include a more porous and grainy texture, as well as a white that isn’t as pure. However, even the cheapest soft-paste porcelain can end up being the best dinnerware you’ve ever owned if you get it from the right seller.

Are You Ready to Choose Between Types of Porcelain?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different types of porcelain that exist today, you can get one of the most beautiful dinnerware sets ever. This is something that will have guests admiring the table set up as much as the food itself. Plus, you can hand this dinnerware down to your children and your children’s children.

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