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What Are the Different Types of Guns That Exist Today?



Did you know that the gun industry has increased over 200 percent in the past decade? The industry continues to innovate and revolutionize firearms for all types of uses, from hunting to home security.

Are you interested in finding the best guns for your family’s needs? Here is a brief guide to the types of guns that you can purchase.


Shotguns are a great weapon that you can use when hunting, whether for food or sport. You can buy different types of ammunition for your shotgun depending on your targets.

Shotguns are also popular for home defense because they can hit a target for people who have less experience. This means that there is a better chance of hitting an intruder before you get attacked.


When you see old-school handguns, you may be looking at revolvers. These are handguns with multiple shots that have a revolving cylinder.

You can buy vintage revolvers if you want to transport yourself back to the golden days. Many modern revolvers are considered semi-automatic, but still have some of the same mechanisms as earlier models.


Also known as handguns, pistols come in a variety of different types. Pistols are the most portable of all types of guns. The vast majority of concealed-carry weapons are pistols.

They are semi-automatic weapons that can carry many more rounds than a classic revolver. You can usually carry them in a holster at your waist for added convenience. Look here for more information on pistol holsters.

Bolt-Action Rifles

If you are learning how to shoot a gun, then you may want to get started with a bolt-action rifle. To operate a bolt-action rifle, you need to discharge the cartridge after every shot.

They are great for target practice but fire more slowly than other models. You can set up a target in your backyard and practice with your bolt-action rifle to see how well you hit your goals.

Semi-Automatic Rifles

Although these types of rifles may sometimes have a negative reputation, they are highly accurate and great for target practice. Every time you pull the trigger on a semi-automatic rifle, it releases a bullet and auto-loads the next round.

One advantage of semi-automatic rifles is that they can hold many more rounds than other types of guns. You need to check with your state to see what the magazine size limits are, but it can be helpful to have a few dozen rounds on hand.

So Many Types of Guns

If you are a new gun owner or you want to add to your collection, you should know all about the best guns. With these types of guns, you can make the best choice for your firearm needs.

Want to learn more about all things related to gun essentials and firearm safety? Check out our site for more tips and tricks for safe gun ownership.

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