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What Are the Different Types of Flowers That Are Grown Today?



There are close to 400,000 species of plants known to science. Close to 2,000 additional ones are discovered each year. Many of these are flowering plants. Different types of flowers can meet specific occasions or brighten up a room.

Knowing about the different flower types will help you decide which to purchase when buying flowers. The best flowers for a funeral are not the best for a romantic occasion. So what types of flowers are commonly grown today?

There are a ton of different kinds, but you should start by reading about the basics. This guide outlines some of the best flowers you can find in a store near you. Read on so you can get the perfect gift for each flower occasion.


Roses are often associated with romance. They are the perfect gift flower for the romantic partner in your life. Gifting roses at other times may be inappropriate for friends or associates.

Roses come in many forms, but some common colors are red, pink, purple, orange, and even yellow. Rose stem’s come equipped with thorns, so it is best to let a professional florist handle flower bouquets.


All species of violets are categorized in the genus labeled “Viola” of the “Violacea” scientific family. They are often blue or, as their name suggests, violet. Violets work great in lavender bouquets. Lavender flower bouquets are a perfect gift.

You can check them out here. There are also many other colorations of violets besides purple. These include red and orange. Violets are widespread across North America in the wild, but many commercial farmers grow them as well.


Orchids are a large classification of flowers that are recognizable by their three pedals and large column structure in the center of their flowers. Orchids are fragrant and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Orchids make great birthday gifts, mother and father’s day gifts, get-well gifts, or thank you gifts. They are the perfect catch-all flower when you’re not sure what kind to give someone.


Lilies are the perfect choice for many occasions in life. They are appropriate for funerals and religious holidays such as Easter. White lilies are a common variety coveted for their beauty. Lilies are fragrant flowers as well.


Sunflowers are one of the largest commercially grown flowers. Their seeds alone are delicious. They are also grown for their ascetic beauty. They are a recognizable flower as they are bright yellow and grow very tall.

For this reason, they are an excellent landscaping feature for those who want additional privacy or a natural barrier. Sunflowers need abundant sunshine and warm climates to grow. They die off every year as the colder months begin.

There Are Many More Types of Flowers

The types of flowers in this guide are only a few that you should be aware of. Every type of flower has the perfect contextual occasion. The more of them you get to know, the better you can gift flowers or enjoy them yourself.

Use the information in this guide as a basic introduction to the different types of flowers. Then do additional research online to find out more information. Start your research on our website by visiting again soon to see what’s there.

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