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What Are the Different Types of Child Resistant Caps?



Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner wondering about the best way to package your products? Are you wondering about the types of child resistant caps?

In fact, businesses are required to follow child-resistant standards in the United States. When you see a recessed cap, a pop-top, or some other form of child resistant packaging – you’ll know the manufacturer thought long and hard about the safety of children when designing the packaging.

Child-resistant caps have many applications around the world, from medicine to beverages. But what is a child resistant cap? We want to help you make sense of it all with this child resistant cap guide.

Read more to understand the different types of child-resistant caps.

The Push and Turn Type

This is the most common type of child-resistant cap. It is made of hard plastic and has a small hole in the center. The hole is surrounded by a raised ridge. To open the push and turn type of child-resistant cap, you push down on the ridge and turn the cap.

It typically has a diameter of 28-400mm. Senior citizen-friendly child-resistant caps are designed to be easy for seniors to open and close.

Push-Down and Turn Type

The push-down and turn type is made of two pieces: a cap and a base. The base is attached to the container, and the cap snaps onto the base. To open the container, you push down the cap and turn it counterclockwise.

It is often used on products like medication bottles.

The Screw Type

This type of cap is designed to be screwed on tightly, making it more difficult for children to open. No matter which type of child-resistant cap you use, it is important to make sure that it is screwed on tightly and stored out of the reach of children.

The Snap-On Type

The most common and popular type is the snap-on type or flip-top child-resistant caps. This type of cap features a plastic or metal snap that locks the cap onto the bottle or container, making it much more difficult for kids to open.

They have a hinged top that flips open and closes. If you are interested, you can find it on It provides protection from the elements. Adults can open it with no difficulty.

The Squeeze and Turn Type

This is similar to the pushdown and turn type, but it has a third piece, a ring, that fits over the cap. To open the container, you squeeze the sides of the cap and turn it counterclockwise. This child-resistant cap is manufactured solely for them.

The Right Child Resistant Caps

There are many types of child resistant caps that are available on the market. It is important to choose the right type of child-resistant cap for your product. Child-resistant caps are available in many materials, sizes, and styles.

You can choose from screw-on caps, push-on caps, or snap-on caps. Child-resistant caps are also available in many colors. Ultimately, the best type of child-resistant cap for a parent to use is the one that they feel most comfortable with.

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