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What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Products That Exist Today?



Over 50 years ago, only 4% of American adults said that they had tried marijuana. Last year, a poll found that 49% of adults in the United States have tried marijuana.

Because cannabis use is becoming more common around the country, many are wondering what products they should try. If cannabis is legal in your state, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Keep reading to learn the different cannabis products out there.

Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flower, also known as bud, is the smokable part of the cannabis plant. Before getting sold at a dispensary, the flower gets cultivated, harvested, dried, and cured.

In the cannabis industry, this is a popular option because you can consume it in a variety of ways. You can smoke it out of a pipe, take bong rips, or pack it into a bowl.

Cannabis products like this are also popular for rolling a blunt or joint. Depending on the dispensary, you can find pre roll blunts or joints that use the cannabis flower.


Cannabis concentrates are made when you remove impurities and excess plant material from the cannabis plant. This leaves only the most desirable cannabis compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids.

Concentrates have a higher terpene and cannabinoid proportion when all of the other materials get removed. You’ll need fewer concentrates to feel the effects because they are more potent.

A lot of people vape concentrates with a dab rig or tabletop vaporizer. Vaping concentrates involve applying it to a hot surface to turn the concentrate into an actual vapor.


The best cannabis for those who don’t want to smoke their product is an edible. Edibles can be food or drinks that are cannabis-infused. Some of the most popular edible options are:

  • Baked goods
  • Popcorn
  • Butter
  • Cooking oil
  • Mints
  • Gummies

Edibles come manufactured in precise doses. Ask your budtender what amount of THC or CBD is right for you if you’ve never tried an edible before.


Tinctures are created by steeping cannabis in alcohol to create an herbal solution. The most common way to consume tincture is by dropping the liquid under your tongue.

Cannabis compounds are absorbed through blood vessels with this method of cannabis use. If cannabinoids are not absorbed through blood vessels, they will move to the digestive tract where they are absorbed like edibles are.

You can control your experience easier with tinctures because they have precise dosing.


Topicals can be balms, lotions, patches, salves, or sprays that are cannabis-infused. THC topicals don’t produce a psychoactive effect. Instead, they are applied to the body to help with sore muscles and inflammation.

You won’t find the different types of marijuana strains in topicals because most of them are CBD-infused.

Choosing Cannabis Products for Your Needs

These days, there are a lot of cannabis products to choose from and there’s no one size fits all solution to choosing. Based on your needs, you might find that THC doesn’t work for you and you need a CBD topical instead.

If you don’t want to smoke cannabis, edibles are the best option. If all of these products sound interesting to you, trying them all is something you can do as well.

Now that you understand the different product types, you can take a shopping trip to your local dispensary. For more CBD and marijuana blog posts, check out the other articles on our website.

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