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What are the Causes and Symptoms of Mesothelioma?




Cancer is a deadly disease that continues to claim hundreds of lives every year. For almost a decade, scientists and medical experts have been working hard to discover a complete cure; unfortunately, they have not succeeded to date. With the marvels of medical science, today, doctors are at a better place to manage the disease. Patients dealing with cancer can return to regular lives, albeit with a few modifications. Cells, the basic unit of the body, follow a pattern of growth. Cancer materializes when changes interfere with the conventional process of cell growth. Cancerous cells can occur in any part of the body and spread if patients do not take immediate action.

Mesothelioma is a deadly tumor that materializes in a thin tissue layer covering internal body organs. Unfortunately, medical science cannot eliminate these cancerous cells, but they have developed treatments to control the disease. Mesothelioma is aggressive and exacerbates patients’ conditions quickly. Mesothelioma can be of four types, but the two of them are common. Pericardial and testicular are rare mesothelioma forms. At the same time, pleura and peritoneal are the common types. Most people get mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure as the substance is strong and stays in the body.

Today, many people want to be aware of the medical conditions, causes, and symptoms. They believe awareness will help take precautionary measures and prevent them. Below we are giving an inclusive insight into the causes and symptoms of the malignant tumor, mesothelioma:


The primary cause of the beginning of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. The material is silicate fibrous and is unbreakable. People who live or work in the proximity of asbestos have higher chances of getting the disease. The toxic mineral is crucial in the automobile maintenance, construction, shipyard, and mining industry. When workers work with asbestos, the tiny fibers often release into the air, which people inhale. The deadly fibers enter the body and become the cause of the disease. Sometimes these fibers land on people’s clothes, get into their skin, and they unknowingly bring the dangerous material home, putting loved ones’ health at risk.

Suppose you or your loved one have exposure to asbestos because of the negligent behavior of companies. In that case, it is your legal right to file a lawsuit against such companies. People working in the proximity of asbestos want to find out what to do if diagnosed with mesothelioma. You can learn more from your lawyer about the compensation you deserve and hold the company accountable.

Asbestos fibers are minuscule and often do not appear even in advanced electromagnetic scans. Even if doctors can determine it, medical science has not discovered a substance or a cure that can break the fiber. Slowly, these fibers damage DNA cells and lead to the uncontrollable growth of cells, causing cancer. The malignant tumor mesothelioma begins to spread and exacerbates patients’ conditions.

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has strengthening quality, and people often use the material for remodeling purposes. Moreover, many areas have banned asbestos, but people used dangerous substances in previous years. Old buildings may contain asbestos, and their demolitions release the fiber into the air, putting people’s lives at risk. In mountainous regions or other barren places, the earth may also release toxic fibers. Sometimes these silicate fibers get into the water. Asbestos fibers contaminate the water, and people are consuming it can develop an incurable form of cancer. Another dangerous quality of tiny fibers is that they can evaporate from water, travel miles as airborne fibers, and infect the areas. Men’s percentage suffering from mesothelioma is higher than women’s because men generally work with toxic material.

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The early signs of mesothelioma are common medical issues, such as

  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • chest and abdominal pain

When patients know that they regularly contact asbestos, they should take the early symptoms as signs and get tested. Symptoms of the destructive disease vary depending on the stage, location, and type of mesothelioma.

People are suffering from pleural mesothelioma face problems in breathing, as the tumor begins in the membrane surrounding the lungs. They may feel difficulty in

  • swallowing
  • extreme tiredness
  • sudden loss of appetite leading to weight loss
  • clubbed fingertips
  • and high temperatures

Peritoneal mesothelioma occurs in the peritoneum; hence, the name. It materializes in the thin lining of tissue covering the abdomen and then travels to other body parts through blood. Patients experience a myriad of stomach problems, such as tummy swelling, stomach ache, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, and constipation or diarrhea. Since stomach problems are also common among people, they do not pay much attention unless their condition deteriorates.


A rare type of cancer, mesothelioma, often becomes a cause of death for people as they fail to diagnose it in the initial stages. Many people are ignorant about the leading cause of the deadly disease and use the fatal material without any preventive measures. People coming in contact with silicate fiber without taking precautions falls prey to the destructive form of cancer. Late diagnosis often makes the process of managing the disease challenge. In some cases, people with mesothelioma show no symptoms as the tumor is tiny and tricky to identify even in an X-ray examination. People coming in contact with asbestos must be vigilant and try to look for an alternative to minimize the disease’s chances.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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