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Welcome Fido Home: What to Buy for a New Dog



New Dog

You’re ready to adopt a new dog, and you want to make them feel comfortable in their new environment.

After all, you and your home will be completely foreign to them.

This initial adjustment can be a challenge for both dogs and their owners. But having the right dog supplies on hand can help you prepare for your pup.

Find out what to buy for a new dog to ensure they feel cozy in their new space.

Food Items

When considering what supplies to buy for a new dog, you can’t overlook food and mealtime items.

Keeping your new pup on a regular feeding schedule will help them better adapt to their new environment.

Be sure to have separate food and water bowls and a floor mat to place them on.

And stock up on food and treats as soon as possible. Note that each dog will have their own dietary needs and habits. For example, you may need to take extra steps to help a rescue dog eat regular dog food.

Walking Supplies

Help your adopted dog get some exercise and fresh air with some practical supplies and accessories.

Never walk a dog (especially a new dog) without a sturdy leash. You should also have a collar, or even better, a canine harness to keep your furry friend comfortable on walks.

Dog waste bags will also be essential to keep your neighborhood clean. And you may need to grab a muzzle if your dog shows signs of aggression.

Finally, be sure to get a customized ID tag that stays on your dog’s collar or harness. This should have contact information in case your pup runs away.

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Toys and Comfort Items

Your new puppy supplies would be incomplete without some fun squeaky toys. Welcome your dog with stimulating toys and accessories.

Comfort items, such as blankets and a dog bed, are also important to create a feeling of security in a new home. A crate can also be used as a comforting space or while training your dog.

Medical Supplies

Just as you have a first aid kit for yourself, you should also have one for your new dog. Stock it with essentials such as gauze, cotton balls, bandages, and hydrogen peroxide.

A syringe from can also come in handy to give dogs required medicine or to clean wounds. And a cone can be a lifesaver if your dog needs surgery (such as spaying or neutering surgery).

Many pet owners will also need to find flea and tick products for dogs to keep pests from biting Fido.

Hygiene Items

Whether your new dog is a puppy or an old rescue, they’ll likely struggle with potty training in the beginning.

Be prepared for accidents with cleaning supplies like a deodorizing spray and paper towels.

If your dog will be indoor trained, you should also have pee pads ready.

And to keep your dog clean and well-groomed, be sure to have a brush, dog shampoo, and canine nail clippers.

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What to Buy for a New Dog: Be Prepared With the Essentials

If you’re wondering what to buy for a new dog, use this list of essentials to welcome your new furry friend home.

From food items to grooming accessories, you’ll be prepared to help your dog in any situation. And your new pup will feel right at home under your care.

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