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Warehouse Management Explained: A Comprehensive Guide



Warehouse Management

The warehouse is the beating heart of your supply chain. Every piece of stock in your inventory will flow through your warehouse and, as such, your warehouse needs to run like clockwork.

You should be continually striving to improve warehouse management and you should always be looking for new and improved ways to store and efficiently handle your inventory.

But what are the fundamentals of warehouse management?

In this article, we’ll explain everything that you need to know about warehouse management.

Check Your Racking Is Safe

Safe racking is essential in all warehouses. Accidents in the warehouse can be costly. Not only could a pallet racking system give way, damaging valuable inventory, but it could also cause serious injury to someone.

Invest in some good warehouse pallet racking that is designed to hold a lot of stock. View more info here.

Make sure that your racking is firmly fixed into place. Don’t overload any of your shelving and carry out regular inspections to check for any damage.

Consider a Future Proofed Layout

When it comes to warehouse management you must consider the layout of your warehouse carefully. You should store your inventory in a way that will allow it to be picked quickly by your employees.

Arrange your products by SKU number and ensure that the items that are most frequently picked are easily accessible.

As your business develops, you’ll no doubt get new lines. You must have a system in place that will allow you to integrate these new SKUs into your warehouse.

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Inventory Management

You can improve your warehouse operations by making sure that your stock levels are always correct. You can do this by carrying out rolling stock counts each day. Count several different SKUs each day.

Then, every year you should carry out a full inventory check on all of your stock.

Use Warehouse Management Software

Having the right warehouse management system in place will allow you to plan, forecast, and manage your warehouse. You should invest in a system that will allow you to track every facet of the performance of your warehouse.

Choose a system that is easy to use and that is adaptable to the requirements of your operations.

Review the Efficiency of Your Warehouse

You should always ensure that you are constantly reviewing the efficiency of your operations. Use key performance indicators (KPI) as a method of reviewing your performance.

Some of the types of KPI that you could opt to use include picking accuracy, picking speed, inventory turnover, and the accuracy of your stock levels.

Keep tabs on these KPIs and communicate them clearly to your team. Review all of your results and use them to make any necessary changes.

Improving Your Warehouse Management Skills

Developing the warehouse management skills needed to effectively run a facility can take time and effort. You should make sure that you constantly review your performance and warehouse efficiency to streamline your operations.

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