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Vaping Dos and Don’ts: How to Have Great Vaping Experiences



The vape industry is booming, with a revenue of approximately 6.09 billion USD as of 2020.

This alternative to cigarettes is growing in popularity, but there are some crucial things all vapers need to know. Read on for some do’s and don’ts so that you can have excellent vaping experiences every time you take a puff.

Do: Buy Quality Vaping Gear

New vapers should research the type of “gear” they use to ensure the best experience. From vape accessories to e-liquid, the products you buy will affect your overall vaping experiences.

Make sure your vape tank is constructed of titanium and that you use kanthal wire or nichrome coils. The mouthpiece or drip tip should be crafted of glass or ceramic for the best results.

You can find out more about these items by reading their product descriptions. Look for gear made by name brands that other vapers know and trust.

Don’t: Leave Your Vape Charging Overnight

While most vaping gear is designed for safety, there can still be problems with the battery. Don’t leave your battery on charge overnight or you run the risk of an explosion.

Keep your “rig” charged during the day and unplug it from the charger before bedtime. This will prevent it from overheating during the night.

Most vapes use lithium batteries that can pose a risk of fire or explosion. To ensure a good experience, unplug it nightly to prevent these accidents from happening to you.

Do: Start With Low Nicotine for the Best Vaping Experiences

E-liquid is a combination of flavoring and nicotine that works to satisfy your cravings. For your first vaping experience, consider choosing a low nicotine level.

The most common nicotine levels in e-liquid are 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg. A higher concentration of nicotine could be too strong for many vapers, so start slow and work your way up if you need to.

Shop for a flavor you enjoy so that the experience is pleasant and satisfying. You can discover more here or by visiting some different retailers online.

Don’t: Leave E-Liquid in the Sun

When e-liquid gets too hot, it becomes runny and difficult to use. If you leave a bottle of e-liquid in a hot car, it will affect its potency, flavor, and consistency.

Always keep your e-liquid stored in a cool, dry place. Room temperature is the best way to keep it fresh.

When the liquid is exposed to high temperatures, it can affect the quality. Fill your tank before you head out the door and leave your bottles of e-liquid at home.

Vape Smart for a Good Experience

Keep this simple list of do’s and don’ts in mind for better vaping experiences. With the right vaping accessories and e-liquid, you can stop smoking cigarettes and enjoy something better.

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