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Upgradation of Medical Stores – Advancements



Upgradation of Medical Stores- Advancements

Medical stores in Pakistan are also growing successfully as the other sectors. The economy of Pakistan has a high contribution of the pharmaceutical industry, and during the pandemic of coronavirus, the demand for medical supplies has reached to peak. The advancement in medical stores is not only due to the more demand for medicinal items; however, the system has become advance due to the latest technology.

The upgradation of medical stores like the pharmacies is handled with the advance systems installed that directly links to any specific medicine also that is available in your inventory. Not only this, but technology has taken us so far that urgent deliveries through online orders are also available by many of the local medical stores.

Medical Stores in Pakistan

There are many medical stores in Pakistan that are successfully running and have almost all variety of medicines like organic, allopathic, homoeopathic, OTC, herbal, international and all prescribed medicines in it. There are many pharmacies that are working successfully in online business too that are as follows:

  • Dawaii
  • Dvago
  • Servaid
  • MedznMore
  • Sehat

The other stores, like Kausar medical store, Time Medicos, Punjab medical store, etc. In Pakistan are also running successfully. Global pandemic due to coronavirus has also made everyone route towards pharmacy because of the SOPs which everyone has to follow. Not only the medicines but the medical equipment like PPEs, treatment machines, etc. are also available at the medical stores offline and online both.

The essential items during the coronavirus pandemic are the face masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves that everyone must need to wear for the safety from the contagious virus. The medical stores have become so advanced that they have high links with the international pharmaceutical markets and they just import the medicinal items when there is a high demand just like the N-95 masks that are imported from China in Pakistan due to coronavirus.

Medicines records are maintained with the nearer expires as the medicines which are near to expiry are usually taken out of shelves of the pharmacy just by checking the new system records. It has become so easy for the medical stores to use technology to the highest beneficial use; however, the software used for the upgradation is costly but gives long-term benefit.

Bulk Medicines Availability

The manufacturing of medicines in Pakistan is growing parallel with the high demand. Pakistani laboratories and the medical stores have researched-based medicines in the market; however, it is very important to have an eye on the expiry and always take medicines from a trusted medical store because there are few stores which sell fake medicines that do not react as for the treatment of disease. The bulk medicines are also available in the market only by the medical stores, but the wholesalers and the manufacturers produce the medicines in bulk.

Medicines that are prescribed or the OTC both are available in bulk quantities in Pakistan. Upgraded medical stores have all the records for the medicines available at the store or in inventory storage; this helps the customer also to get the medicine within no time as all the record is saved. Some of the pharmacies also save your medical record and delivery information do that whenever you order the medicine they make sure to deliver within the given time.

Pakistan is also progressing with the latest IT and technology that has made the medical site more advance and less complicated. Responsiveness has also increased by the local medical stores since they have started to upgrade their system. The people are also satisfied with the advancements as the locals are getting the huge benefit of it; however, the medicines at discounted rates in bulk quantities are also available offline and online both in Pakistan.

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