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Unconventional knowledge about law school supplies that you can’t learn from books



law school supplies

If you’re new to law school and want to know about law school supplies that you can’t find in books, you’re at the right place. Read the entire article to learn about the unconventional knowledge in this article.

Upon entering the gates of law school people deem it un-law school-ish if you haven’t got the right law school supplies which mostly includes things you honestly don’t need. Hence, here are the list of things you require, and the list of things you really don’t.

Things You Need

Here’s a list all the products you need to survive law school:

1. Book Bag

Purchase a backpack that can accommodate laptops and a large number of books. We recommend long lasting book bags even if they aren’t as pretty. All you need is a functional portable bag to get through the law school grind. Pair it up with a plain leather tote as you go for interviews and internships.

Where its common to borrow pens, pencils, and loose papers, break the normal by having everything just a zip away. Good management and responsible behavior is one way to become a successful lawyer!

2. Lightweight Laptop

Purchase a nice little laptop that’s small, easy to use and carry as you run from a class to another. Also, if you intend to take notes in class electronically a lightweight computer would be ideal for you.

You can make your style cooler by adding a little carrying case for it with little compartments. For instance, your power cord, mouse and other things could be suited so well perchance you’re not using your bookbag with its laptop compartment.

3. Pens, Pencils, and Pencil Bags

The Pilot G2 pens and the Uniball Gel Pens are best for making attractive and bright notes. We all know it gets a bit dull with the never-ending, “boring” laws. Therefore, a little color can light you up as you study.

You should keep the pencil bag in your book bag which should overflow with pens, pencils, tabs, and white outs. Hence at the beginning of every lesson, keep the pencil bag on your desk.

However, just for examination invigilators, we suggest you keep a couple of mechanical pencils in your pockets.

Hence, contrary to the popular belief you’re not too old for playing with colors, especially if you’re a student of law.

4. Staplers and a 3 Hole Punch

If the laws don’t drive you mad, we bet all the papers flying around probably will. Therefore, you need at least two staplers for yourself. Keep the big one at home and the mini with you as you take it with you in your backpack wherever you go. You never know the need of a stapler until you haven’t got one close to you.

As is the case with the 3 Holes Punch machine. It physically hurts when you lose important notes you made with all the glitter pens and sharpened pencils. So loose no more- invest in the punching machine to stay organized and keep all your papers and notes secured in your binders.

5. Notebooks and Binders

For those who take notes by hand, notebooks are just your cup of tea. You can prepare a heavy duty notebook for each class as you go to last a semester or two. Moreover, a binder also does the work as you write exam outlines and research papers on the loose-leaf paper and stock them up one by one in your binder.

Notebooks and binders are inexpensive and a conventional way to remember the points you note. On the contrary, an IPad is a big investment which is not entirely necessary. Also, with an IPad it is easy to be distracted with the music and the red and black flashing appeal of Netflix. This unconventional piece of knowledge goes a long way.

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

In law school, noise canceling headphones can be a lifesaver. You can block out the bustle outside and  concentrate so much more on your studying.

Where most people say they can make you lose track of the teacher teaching you, we say it is upon your best intentions to use the headphones wisely. So when you use it to study and focus on not sleeping, you can thank them for blessing your grades.

Things You Don’t Need

You might not be told about all these hacks and essentiality of the law school supplies in your books. What’s more, you might not realize that sometimes the books tell you to buy stuff that is just a simple waste of money. Therefore, we’re here to tell you all the stuff you do not need for law school.

1. Attractive Desk Accessories

We know you adore pretty things, however, that’s not always the most practical choice. You can buy  a bunch of “pretty” desk accessories but the catch is the majority of them will break within just the first year. So invest in higher-quality, less-pretty things in order to ensure that they last.

2. Label Maker

In retrospect, label markers are always a waste of money. You buy them at the beginning and probably use it for a while until its excitement dies down and you bury it in your desk drawer to never use it again. Usually, your high spirit to enter law school makes you giddy enough to buy it so you can prepare for  1L a year, but then you realize you never needed it in the first place .

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3. Liquid Highlighters

If you use gel highlighters it’s basically useless to buy a liquid highlighter on top of that. They end up sitting in your jar of pens on your desk as good as new. You barely use them and in hindsight, you regret buying them at all. Also, in our opinion gel highlighter is always better and a safer option so if you have a choice, pick the gel ones.

4. Cork board

When you’re just starting law school you can’t help yourself and end up buying everything you never planned to buy. What’s more, you get things you could’ve easily saved money for like a little cork board above your desk that you pretty much never use. You sometimes remember it’s there but mostly you forget about its existence.

Final Thoughts

As you learn in this article about all the law school supplies that you can’t find in books, you realize how much unconventional knowledge you had been lacking. Thus, it is wise to spend not with both hands, but wisely-just like the way we guided you. So, start saving while also owning all the supplies you actually need to ace your subject.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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