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Types of ID Badge Holders



ID Badge Holders

An ID badge is a rectangular- or square-shaped badge that proves your identity wherever you go. Besides identification, it is also used by companies and organizations for other purposes like security, access to restricted areas, monetary transactions, and tracking services. If you are an employee, student, medical professional, or work in related industries, the chances are that you have been issued an identification card. However, it can be incredibly frustrating and annoying to have your badge disfigured through scratching, coffee stains, or other reasons. That is why you should use solid protection like an ID badge holder to keep your card safe. How many types of holders are available, what are their benefits, and other details you ought to know about them? Read on to know more.

What are the Various Uses of Badge Holders?

One of the primary uses of an ID badge holder is to keep your badge safe and secure and prevent it from being lost or misplaced. A holder also makes it easy to display your badge, mainly if you work in an organization where you have to show it regularly. If a badge is placed inside a holder, it is easily noticeable from a distance.

What are the Different Types Available?

Several types of badge holders will keep your card or badge well protected. However, what kind you choose will depend on your requirements and preferences.


You should select eco-friendly holders if you are environmentally friendly and want to do your bit for it. What separates these holders from the standard ones is they are made from friendly products like paper and don’t contain toxic chemicals like phthalates.

Reflective and Anti-Static

Both reflective and anti-static holders have their respective advantages. Reflective holders have adjustable elastic straps which you can quickly secure around your arm. They also glow in the dark and are suitable for parties, concerts, and other related events. Anti-static holders are called so because they are made from a unique material that prevents static electricity building. Static electricity refers to an electric charge produced by friction, causing sparks and crackling. They are ideal for those professionals in biotechnology, electronics, or related environments where the static charge could cause an electric shock.


Rigid holders are popular because they prevent your cards from breaking, bending, and snapping. If you work in harsh environments, you should select these where your card is more susceptible to damage. They are suitable for everyday rough use and are available in various colors and styles, including vertical and horizontal formats. It’s a good idea to get these holders if you have a magnetic strip and chip card, as they have an extractor slide where you can easily slide your card in or out. Most rigid holders have a slot and chain holes, making them compatible with badge reels, lanyards, and neck chains.

Shielded Holders

Shielded badge holders are different from other holders because they carry smart employee badges. They contain a thin metal layer and are available in rigid and flexible formats. One of the essential purposes of the metal layer on the holder is to prevent the smart card from being scanned or read by the antenna of the card reader. But why would you want your smart card to avoid being read? The answer is that many of them contain sensitive data like your name, title, and security clearance. Even if its surface has your name and photo, there might be a lot of data underneath you wouldn’t want to share with anybody.

What type of ID badge holder you buy depends on your profession, work conditions, and other requirements. However, you must do thorough research before purchasing a particular holder because it will play a significant role in optimally keeping your badge safe and secure.

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