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Top Expensive Smartphones in 2022 – Available in Official Stores



Top Expensive Smartphones in 2020 - Available in Official Stores

Nowadays, the smartphone is not considered as an electronic device to connect with others only; however, it has become a symbol of class. If you have an expensive phone like any celebrity endorsement referred to one then you will be considered as to a middle or elite class group.

The iconic brand Apple and its smartphones that are also known as the iPhone are one of the most expensive smartphones in the World. Samsung and other Android smartphones are also expensive but have a wide range of price phones.

There is a huge market of smartphones where online selling is also available in official stores of Brands, and only a few online sellers have online delivery nationwide.

Top Expensive Smartphones in 2022

The topmost expensive smartphones are:

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

iPhone 11 Pro Max

In the list of an expensive smartphone with advanced features and high-quality specifications, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is among the top. iPhone 11 Pro Max Price is very high as it is not affordable for the majority of the people. The smartphone was launched in 2019, but in 2022 it is still available at a high price. iPhone 12 series has already been launched but is not available in all markets yet as it has just recently launched and is also among the expensive phone.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple surprised the world by the launch of the Iphone11 Pro Max because the phone has got the new module of the camera having a triple camera on the back. This smartphone can handle, telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide photography gracefully. Moreover, the phone is with enhanced AI features from which you can take amazing photos by using the night mode.

It also has an Apple A13 Bionic chip along with the latest iOS 13 and a matte finish on its back. The advanced features have made the phone expensive. These phones are available at official stores and used phones are also available in the local mobile markets. However, you can get phones online also.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

The merger of the pen with a phone in this Note has put up a whole new world in the pocket. As the gadgets get to advance, it reflects the advanced technology and its use in the hands. The world has come up in a smartphone where Samsung Note 20 Ultra is not a simple smartphone as you know it. It is more like a computer suit in your pocket.

This mobile has next-level gaming on the phone. This has a pro-grade 8K camera and editing suite. It 12 GB Ram and up to 128 to 512GB storage with 4500 mAh battery life has made this power phone exceptional, and that forever changes how you play or work.

Buy Samsung Note 20 Ultra latest phone of 2022. But for this, you need to have much money in pocket because this phone is expensive and is also among the top expensive phones in the world. In Android smartphones, Samsung has models that are high in price but worthy and valuable in terms of quality and advance features.

Expensive Smartphones Available Online

However, Apple has its existence in many other countries, and the retailers of smartphones are selling the original Apple iPhone in the smartphone mobile market. Samsung phones are also available in huge quantity where all the latest models are available at the company fixed prices.

You can also get these smartphones either expensive ones or not, online. The official online sites of mobile brands also have details regarding it. The online sales of phones are increasing worldwide as people have started to trust online sites for expensive items also.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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