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Top Benefits of Hardwood Floor Sanding



Do you know why you should consider floor sanding for your hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are stunning, particularly when they are new and well cared for. Of course, the challenge is to keep your floors appearing their best for years to come. Hardwood floors start showing their age over time as a result of daily use and modifications in interior design styles.

As your floor ages, these signs are not something you would like to see in your home. Scratches, dullness, and discoloration are examples of these signs. Can you find any of these signs in your home?

If you answered yes, you’re probably wondering how you can have your hardwood floors restored to their earlier appearance once again. Luckily, professional hardwood refinishing can help bring back the gleaming appearance of your floors.

Your hardwood floors can be brought back to life with great floor sanding from the best professionals.

Here are the top benefits of hardwood floor sanding.

Eliminate Any Signs of Wear and Tear

Often, as time passes, so does hardwood flooring starts showing signs of wear. Hardwood flooring usually starts to deteriorate due to the following reasons;

• Moving heavy furniture across the floor

• Heavy traffic across the floor, and

• The heat that changes the color of the flooring and makes it dull

The heat from the sun or any other source in your home, alongside the various activities, can cause dents and gouges to your flooring. However, if your hardwood flooring can be sanded and sealed, it will be refreshed and look new as it was first installed.

First, you need to determine whether the scratches can actually be fixed. Sometimes when the scratches are deep, you may need to replace the entire plank. But if they are not so bad, hardwood floor sanding can erase them.

Additionally, sanding can erase unsightly dark stains on your hardwood flooring. Due to water damage, food beverage spillage, and house cleaning product spillages, stains occur. However, sanding will brighten floors and make your home more appealing.

Reduce Pests in Your Home

Though hardwood floor is the best flooring choice for many homes due to its beauty and durability, it is still susceptible to pest infestation. When pests infest your hardwood floor, they may cause irreparable damage.

However, effective maintenance like sanding can keep pests away and prolong your flooring.

Bugs often hide in the space between floorboards. When you sand your hardwood flooring and coat it with a protective shine coating, you will be able to seal the space, thus keeping bugs away from destroying your flooring.

Make Your Flooring Comfortable

Hardwood flooring usually splinters with time due to heavy traffic and furniture moving. Splinters are uncomfortable and are usually a sign that your wood flooring may be weathering.

If your hardwood flooring has splintered and you feel uncomfortable on your barefoot, you should not simply pull them up. This can make your flooring have jagged edges or, worse, create ragged or cracked areas.

You can use glue to keep the splinters down. However, be sure to use a small quantity so as not to mess up the floor. After the glue has dried up, you can consider sanding and refurnishing your floor. You should, however, be cautious not to create other splinters.

If your hardwood flooring is too splintered or damaged, don’t opt for DIY repair, you should consider hiring a flooring specialist.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Proper maintenance of your hardwood floor can save you a lot of damage that occurs over time.

Sanding is one way to ensure that your hardwood flooring is safe and working properly. When your hardwood flooring is sanded and furnished, it will make cleaning smooth.

When your hardwood floor has scratches and dents, it can be challenging to clean the dust that settles in. When your floor is sanded, dust build-up is minimized, making the process easier.

Do you want a dustless floor, or do you want to say goodbye to allergies?

Then ensure your floor is properly maintained. Additionally, sanding and refurnishing will give your floor an appearance that will make a difference. This can make your house sell faster.

Increase Floor Sturdiness

If your hardwood flooring has begun to age, the board may develop space between them.

When the nails that hold the board begin to work up, the floorboards may become uneven. When your flooring board becomes uneven, it can easily be damaged by any movement on the floor.

The board pieces can be broken if slightly raised above other adjacent boards.

However, when sanding your flooring, you will ensure that the nails are perfectly driven down to their position. Additionally, sanding will also eliminate any pieces that might be slightly elevated.

Finally, the spaces that might have developed between the boards will need to be filled in so that your entire flooring remains strong.

Increase Home Value

Your home is probably your greatest investment, and thus when you decide to sell it, you want your property to fetch more money.

You can increase your home value by ensuring that the flooring is good. If you sell your home when the floor is dull and aged, it will only attract fewer buyers who will be unwilling to pay a high amount.

However, sanding wooden floors can bring beauty and value back to your home. Thus, hardwood floor refinishing will not only restore the original beauty but will also increase your home value.

You Now Know the Benefits of Floor Sanding

The benefits of the floor are many, from removing signs of tear and wear, increasing home value, keeping your floor beautiful, making cleaning easy, making the floor comfortable, among others.

However, if you want to reap the benefits of floor sanding, you must understand that hardwood refinishing is not the work of any homeowner. A lot of skills go into the process, and only a professional can adequately sand to restore the integrity of your flooring.

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