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Top 5 Pro Tips for Packing Boxes For a Move



Did you know that for 34% of people, moving house was considered more stressful than getting a divorce? A further 60% are put off from moving altogether because of the panic it can create. So how can you reduce the anxiety and embrace change?

One way is to ensure you have the packing organized right from the start. Read on as we give 5 pro tips on packing boxes for a move.

1. Declutter

When you begin to pack, you will probably be surprised at how much you have. A lot of it may be items you no longer use or need. When you ship them to a new property, you end up spending more time, money, and energy cluttering your property with items you don’t want.

As you begin your packing, sort unwanted items into two piles. You can have some that go to a thrift store, and some that you may want to sell. Selling can then be done through local classifieds, online auctions, or a garage sale.

Sell the items in the next week or two. Any that don’t sell can go onto the thrift store pile and be given away. You should now only have items packed that are of use, bringing down costs and clutter.

2. Keep Hold of Essentials

When moving, there will be items you need on hand. When packing them in boxes, they can get hidden and lost. For this reason, you should always have some items that don’t go into the standard packing boxes.

Start by creating a moving folder. This can include any agreements, contracts, addresses, and other vital information.

It is best to have physical copies. Storing them on a digital device could mean the battery goes during your busy move. All items are then easy to retrieve when there are queries or emergencies.

You should also create a small bag of essentials for arriving at the new home. Rummaging through boxes after a long, hard day of moving is not a pleasant experience.

Get a bag or suitcase and put in a change of clothes, toothbrushes, medications, and other essentials. You can put it in the car or moving truck and make sure it is out and in the home first.

3. Know How to Pack Boxes

Packing boxes is not just a case of throwing everything in. When you pack correctly, you can limit damages and maximize space used, reducing costs.

The first of the tips for packing boxes is to get the right size boxes. Larger ones should not be filled with heavier items, as it makes them harder to move. Weighty items should be in a box alongside lighter objects like pillows and linens.

Make sure the heavy items go at the bottom with lighter ones at the top. This will create a counterweight and make them easier to carry. Your clothing and fabrics can also be used to fill any gaps, protecting delicate items.

Though not always possible, try to avoid mixing items from different rooms in a range of boxes. Finally, tape your boxes well. Close the bottom and top seams, then do a few wraps around the top and bottom edges.

Tips for Packing the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest areas to pack. It has a mix of large, heavy, and fragile items. One of the best moving tips is to pack the objects in the room differently from others.

Start with the dishes, wrapping each item in packing paper. Then combine around four or five items, and wrap them as a group. Pack them on their sides, as when they are flat, pressure from above can cause them to crack.

If you are packing glass, then you should use cardboard dividers. Broken glass is not just dangerous, but can reap havoc in a moving box. Pad any spaces out with fabrics or paper.

4. Decide If You Are Going the DIY or Professional Route

By taking a DIY approach to a move, you can save money. When you call in favors from friends and family, it may also not even take that long.

However, there are several advantages to hiring professional movers. Firstly, you will probably have to hire a truck with a DIY approach anyway. In the scheme of your overall house move, budgeting for a professional company will cost very little.

Some of them can even pack for you. This takes up the bulk of the time. When moving house, you will have a lot of other things to be doing, and this can be invaluable.

They also have experience when moving items. If you have heavy, oversized objects, the right tools and equipment will be on hand to get them transported safely. A pro company will also know how many staff members and vans to send so that it is conducted quickly and efficiently.

5. Find the Right Company

If you do decide to go professional, then you need to find the right moving company. Start by setting a budget and knowing what you want. You may be able to save money by moving boxes yourself and just getting the heavy, oversized items moved by a professional.

Make sure you get quotes from three or four companies. Some may even be able to beat quotes from others, lowering your prices further. You should also consider a range of options, from trucks to containers.

Prepare in Advance When Packing Boxes

Now you know everything about packing boxes, start in advance. Set your budget, then decide if you will do it yourself or get a company to help. If you go with the second option, shop around for the best price.

This article is one of many to help you with your move. From packing to finding a property, we can get you settled in your dream home in the near future with articles found here on our blog.

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