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Start Using These Top 4 Meetings Action Item Tools In 2020



Top 4 Meetings Action Item Tools In 2020

The ongoing pandemic theory of Covid19 is sinking most of the countries’ economics. It has been a very difficult time now – maybe the worst in our whole life. Everywhere, there are only two major words we can hear now and then:

  • The Coronavirus
  • The Lockdown

We cannot guide up in our hands for Coronavirus as medical professionals & scientists are taking precautions and finding some treatment for it. But, for Lockdown, it is all up to us the common people to take special care of.

The businesses from all over the globe are having a vast impact and most of them decided to utilize the “Work From Home” model as a keystroke in this pandemic.

For a successful – Work From Home model, you need to ensure all the processes should be undertaken through online meetings. This will help you to have a track of all the action plans and individual participation, meets their performance under one computer screen. To have a note of this, you need better meeting action items that can keep your all records in one place.

Here is a list of top 4 online tools that generate meetings action items in one click:

1. Trello

Trello Meeting Tool

To keep a track of action items, Trello is a good option. Several people prefer to work on it as it has a lot of added benefits for managing a project. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • You can see it ongoing: Humans are indeed a visual creature. So while looking at a project with a high-level view, Trello offers an ability to see what the other people are doing and how those things can correlate to your action items.
  • Notifications are enabled: When you assign an action item to someone, then that person will get a notification as an acknowledgment. This means you do not need to send an additional message to confirm him/her.
  • Create checklists within an action item card: For a few action items it generally requires additional sub-items. Trello allows you to do that.

2. Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word Online Meeting Tool

With the people who are familiar with Microsoft Word, you still might be missing out on an essential feature from it. There are many action plan templates available in Microsoft Word that helps you to get started quickly.

A Word template can be the best example to give you a track of action items, allowing the team to join within the document and that too in real-time – if you use Word Online.

A caution note: While using Word, you may encounter with constant task lists with a lot of comments and tracked changes. This can increase the chances of more cluttering of data and you may feel uneasy at times.

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3. Asana

Asana Meeting Tool

The main benefit of using Asana is that it has a feature to showcase your project in a Gantt-style chart. There is no need for you to create Gantt-style charts on your own as Asana generates it for you automatically. Making it easier.

As like Trello, Asana to provides you some board functionalities, like:

  • With due dates, it marks action items – When an action item is nearly closed to its deadline, a reminder is sent to the creator of the tasks via email.
  • It prioritizes cards of action items – There is a feature that helps you to mark label for the action item with priority as low, medium, or high as per the need.
  • Deadlines are visually seen on the calendar – With this feature, you would be having rights to see the tasks that are having due dates on a professional calendar view.

Asana’s free version has a limit for you to search with basic functionalities and also limits your teams with a capacity of 15 members. If your team is bigger, you need to pay for subscriptions.

4. Aira

Aira Meeting Tool

Unlike other tools above AIRA is totally a different entity. It not only provides you meeting action items but also meeting transcriptions and many other functions like:

  • Autojoin a meeting – Aira is a Meeting AI Assitant that can join your online meetings on your behalf. If you have a scheduled meeting, just enable the auto-join mode in the Aira’s dashboard. And, here you go! Enjoy seamless auto joining online calls.
  • It generates high-quality meeting transcriptions and action items – Aira has the best meeting transcription and action items quality rate of up to 95% which is the best among all other. This can help you to lesser up your manual notes therefore.

Final Note:

While every online tool for creating action items has its features and functionalities, Aira rises out to be a standalone tool. It not only generates precise action items but also gives you many more additional features so you can rule your kingdom (business). So, start using these tools and see the change.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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