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Top 4 Automotive Trends in 2020



Top 4 Automotive Trends in 2020

The automotive industry keeps taking big steps forward and new trends appeal in the market constantly.

As for 2020, the main time is behind, still having some months to live with the Covid-19. Cars are becoming an essential component of connected living solutions. Voice recognition as well as personal assistants will connect the vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-vehicle, as well as vehicle-to-everything.

All this is about the future, but let’s see what has been and will be trending in 2020.

Electric Vehicles’ Adoption

Electric cars get more common and automotive manufacturers continue electrification. For example, Lordstown Motors Corps produces all-electric pickup trucks, which come with less moving parts compared to traditional commercial vehicles. This enables trucks to’ easier maintenance.

However, for broader adoption, electric vehicles need to deal with several problems like high prices, inefficient batteries, powering renewable energy-based charging grids, etc.

However, considering all the improvements over the last few years, it’s clear that over the next 5 years we will see more than 50% of the cars to be electric.

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Self-Driving Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are set to reduce the need for human drivers and transform everyday transportation, aiming to make public transportation sufficiently more secure. For instance, by minimizing accidents that are caused due to the distraction or fatigue of drivers, self-driving cars will be much safer by reducing car accidents by 99% compared to today’s statistics.

Tesla and other cars have already shown us how effective autonomous cars can be.

Autonomous vehicles are equipped with advanced recognition technologies like AI-enhanced computer vision, which allows drivers to identify challenges in the road.

Car Head-up Displays

Even though we are aiming to have fully self-driving cars in the near future to reduce accidents, today we still have the problem of being distracted on the road for any insignificant thing. That’s why a car head-up display is one of the top features in the automotive market. These impressive tools allow drivers to have different GPS apps such as Waze and Google Maps, the music, text messages, and phone calls directly on their windshield. Apart from these, private plates are in great trend as well.

Car HUDs are quite easy to install, they are compatible with almost all types of cars and smartphones. What’s more, some of these features allow drivers to control the music, answer or reject phone calls with simple up and down, horizontal and vertical head movements in case of using Eye-lights products.

Blockchain in Automotive Industry

There are lots of apps operating with blockchain in the automotive sphere. Among them are apps that allow us to share car data through a secure network for connectivity in urban transportation and trips.

There are also applications that verify the supply chain of spare parts or ensure that the raw materials and spare parts are sourced from legal and trusted sources.

For instance, British startup Cube Intelligence produces a blockchain-based security platform for self-driving vehicles by using hash codes to block malicious attacks or hacking attempts on self-driving cars.

In conclusion, the automotive industry keeps growing, and the usage of the latest innovations provides lots of useful features. The automotive market is set to see not only the usage of inventive features such as car head-up displays but also the increasing usage of blockchain technology. The adoption of self-driving as well as electric vehicles is also set to keep growing.

All in all, these trends and inventions have one main mission: to make driving more secure, reduce the distraction and human factor, decreasing the number of car accidents.

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