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Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Excellent Car Care



There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road and the potential for exploration that a car gives us. The ability to travel hundreds of miles on a whim would have been science fiction a hundred years ago, now our reality affords us broader horizons than any other humans who’ve ever lived!

There are a few tricks to streamline car care and ensure things continue to run smoothly. The last thing anyone needs is to be stranded on the side of the road! Read on to find out our best three tips for car care to keep things rolling.

1. Car Care

If you’ve formed something of an emotional connection to your trusty vehicle, caring for it can feel like looking after an old friend, especially if you’ve been together for years. As time passes, love for your car will only increase, but its performance is liable to do just the opposite if you don’t put in the effort.

Cleaning your car, although it might seem obvious, is the first and potentially the most important tip of all. We’re not just talking about pulling your wrappers out of the door-wells and giving the dash a good wipe down, either.

This means making sure you change the oil regularly. As you drive your car, the internal lubrication for the motor begins to lose its lubricant properties, which can begin to cause internal friction and wear, drastically shortening your engine’s lifespan.

2. Cleaning Your Car

Replacing the dark and dirty overused engine oil is a satisfying experience, but you shouldn’t let the rest of your car fall into disrepair either. Upholstery can begin to wear or get a little grubby over the years, and appreciating a spick and span car leads to taking continued care of it.

A lot of the materials used inside cars aren’t quite the same as what we typically have to contend with inside our homes. It’s best to purchase some specific cleaning products to get the job done and without unnecessary amounts of elbow grease.

There are a lot of great options available, for example, CARPRO has a large range of products designed to make your life that bit easier. After a good once over you might not even recognize it!

3. Securing Connections

Making sure the connections on your car battery aren’t corroding is also good practice. If the battery ceases to function, you’re not going anywhere!

These connections are common points of failure when left unattended. Don’t fret though, a quick once over with a brush will rub off any corrosion to ensure an uninterrupted circuit.

This is best done with the help of a little baking soda and water. The baking soda will cause a weak chemical reaction with the corrosion and aid in its removal.

Your Four-wheeled Friend

In the end, your car is one of life’s most valuable tools, and should be treated as such! Knowing how to care for your car will ensure you get the most out of it and spend less while doing so. Car care goes a long way, and this is certainly one of those areas in life where you get back what you put in!

If these car care tips have been useful, make sure to check out the rest of the blog! We’ve got a wealth of information waiting for you. Why not have a look at what we’ve put together? You’re sure to find something interesting and maybe even learn something new!

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