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Top 10 PPC Reporting Tools You Need in 2021



Top 10 PPC Reporting Tools You Need in 2021

PPC Tools are one of the most effective ways to increase the brand’s reach in the digital world. SEO strategies and social media campaigns take time to gain traction, but with PPC, you can instantly capture the attention of your target audience. All you need is the right strategy.

The reporting software application provides real-time access to important data, as well as rapid generation of multidimensional reports from various data sources. Among other things, it can generate reporting, track the success of sales strategies, monitor responsiveness to regulatory compliance issues, and manage internal controls or security audits.

Google says companies make an average of $ 2 for every $ 1 they spend on PPC ads. If you are looking for a way to get traffic for your law firm, paid advertising may be the perfect choice. The question is, how do you get started?

The following PPC reporting tools will help you navigate the complex landscape of online advertising so you can get results quickly.

Top 10 PPC Reporting Tools in 2021

  1. Google Ads

Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads makes PPC advertising easy. You can create images to follow your law firm ads, experiment with different keywords and budget strategies, and even track the results of each individual campaign. Google Ads provides in-depth insights into what strategies really work for your business.

If you have some technical knowledge, you can even use Google Ads scripts to access automated reporting and account alerts. As the largest search engine in the block, Google Ads provides all the features that law firms need to start growing online, including features to optimize your local search campaign .

  1. AdEspresso

A comprehensive digital marketing tool for PPC campaigns on social media and search, AdEspresso allows law firms to showcase their services on Google, Instagram and Facebook. With a 14-day free trial, you can test AdEspresso’s functionality without spending a dime and discover how easy it is to create campaigns in minutes.

With shared testing tools, you can experiment with different ad elements, and there are immersive reports available so you can go into the details of each campaign. AdEspresso even has its own guidance blogs and documentation to help you get started.

  1. SEMRush

With comprehensive marketing tools to turn any law firm into a household name, SEMRush is one of the most popular PPC solutions on the market. This “online visibility platform” comes with a comprehensive SEO toolbox that helps you rank better on the organic search pages. There is also a keyword tool for your PPC campaigns and a complete website review system.

More than just a pay-per-click campaign, SEMRush offers a huge collection of modules to explore, perfect for upgrading your search strategy. There is also an in-depth reporting mechanism with each category of tool.

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  1. SpyFu

Competitor analysis is a valuable tool for law firms, especially those trying to stand out in the digital landscape. Analyzing the competition makes it easier to decide which keywords to bid on in your campaigns. SpyFu is a PPC tool that provides a look at the terms used by your competitors – and how profitable they are.

SpyFu’s in-depth reporting information is great for creating insights into where to spend your marketing budget. You can even find contact information with this tool so you can contact potential partners and companies for guest blogging.

  1. Opteo

A comprehensive PPC ad management tool, Opteo helps companies manage all types of online marketing campaigns. The tool comes with an advanced performance reporting system so you can research all types of metrics about where your clients come from and how they find your law firm.

The immersive analysis within Opteo ensures that you can learn more about the performance of specific keywords or examine the functionality of an entire campaign. You can even track the performance of certain terms over a period of time, so it’s easier to see how your strategies are paying off. The subscription-based model for Opteo’s pricing begins with a 7-day trial period that you can access for free.

  1. What runs where?

Another great tool for comparing your law firm’s Google Ads management with your competitors WhatRunsWhere . This application shows how other law firms use their advertising dollars in tools like Google Ads and beyond. You can track everything from mobile and display ads to banners. Although this tool is a bit expensive, it gives you a more comprehensive picture of your competitors’ efforts online.

Once you can see where other law firms are getting the best results from their campaigns, you can adjust your own strategy accordingly. You may even notice some areas that are mature enough to generate extra traffic for your business that your competitors have missed.

  1. Adalys

If you run PPC ads on both Bing and Google, Adalysis can help you keep track of your campaigns. The technology helps you automate your keyword bidding and ensures that you can measure the results of all your different strategies. You can get automatic recommendations on what you can improve and choose to receive customizable alerts.

Adalys also gives you access to scalable ad testing so you can monitor and take action on automated A / B ad testing before setting up your own experiments. One good thing about Adalysis is that the reports are very simple and easy to read.

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  1. Ubersuggest

It is not always easy to find the right keywords to use in your law firm. Ubersuggest helps simplify the process by letting you search for keywords based on things like CPC budget, search volume, and even how competitive each term can be. The keyword data you get comes from Search Console and Google Analytics so you know it is reliable.

Ubersuggest also comes with competitive intelligence tools, which allow you to track which keywords your competitors rank for. You can also analyze your own website to see which pages generate the most traffic.

  1. Bing Ads Editor

Just because Google is the largest search engine in the world does not mean you should not consider other search engines. Bing Ads Editor (also known as Microsoft Ads ) works for Mac and Windows and helps you streamline your PPC campaign management. You can import your data directly into the editor, create campaigns, manage keywords, and set your budgets.

The tool allows you to sync all your accounts and marketing campaigns, and you can even make changes to your advertising strategies while still offline.

  1. Optmyzer

Optmyzer is an enterprise- level PPC reporting and enhancement tool that has won many awards for its intelligent approach to marketing campaigns. Developed by former Google employees, Optmyzer helps you manage your bids and bid adjustments, forecast marketing campaign strategies, create custom reports, and more.

You can set up multi-account dashboards with automatic alerts and schedule the law firm’s campaigns to run at the perfect time for your clients. In addition, Optmyzer helps with things like improving quality scores and searching for broken URLs.

If you are planning to market your law firm online, you can not afford to ignore these PPC tools. From helping to design effective ad prospects to letting users choose an audience to show their ads to, the right tools can help you create a highly successful campaign.

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