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Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in Your Freshman Year



Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive in Your Freshman Year

Valuable advice directed towards first-year students to ensure that you make the best of your opportunity despite the many challenges you are likely to face as a first-year student. 

Being a student is not easy. The following are some of the common reasons why there is a significant increase in the rate of dropouts among college students; too much fun at the expense of lectures, financial constraints, and academic unpreparedness. Other reasons may include homesickness, the feeling of un-belonging, the high demands of part-time and full-time jobs, and moving to a different geographical location. The truth is that some of the above reasons could be avoided by ensuring that a student makes adequate preparations before joining college. Unfortunately, according to the statistics, one in every four students drop out of school in their first year. As you plan to enter college, you must always remember that life there is not for the faint-hearted. You will be required to complete many assignments within a short duration. At times, you may score low grades despite spending too much time performing research for your projects. Other times, you may find yourself at the brick of almost giving up. If you are not flexible and persistent, you may feel discouraged and give up on your studies. However, the good thing is that you can use this link to seek any form of academic assistance. Assignments demand a lot of student’s time, and therefore, provided you are gaining aid from the right people, you will have ample time to attend to other essential things. The following are some tips that will assist you in surviving and thriving in your freshman year.

Actively participate in campus events

The activities organised by the higher learning institution are always aimed at breaking the monotony of assignments and lectures. Therefore, during your freshman year, you should ensure that you keep your eyes out for posters and fliers. By attending various campus events, you will have the opportunity to meet new people, learn something new, and hang out with your friends. The best thing about college events is that they will often provide free food and snacks, which is the ultimate dream of almost every college student. Not only do these opportunities offer you the chance to interact and socialise with other students, but it also provides you with a rare chance to belong. For example, when you join the school drama club, you are associated with the club, and members of that club consider you as one of them. This can help you cope and adjust during your first year.

Secure a job

Let us face the fact, most first-year students and continuing scholars are struggling with meeting their financial expenses. The good thing is that there are plenty of employment opportunities available both on and off the higher learning institution. As a newcomer, the chances are high that you will have a lot of free time. Why then don’t you utilise your free time on productive activities such as having a part-time job? That way, you will be able to finance your education and cater to other expenses effortlessly. The position also helps you gain some working experience, which goes a long way towards becoming a better person in the future. You also get the chance to earn some money and the opportunity to budget for every single cent. In the end, you will become more responsible with your finances since you have already had the experience handling reasonable amounts of money.

Spare some time to have fun

During my freshmen year, I used to spend my entire week working diligently. I would then declare on Saturday and Sunday a resting day. During those two days, I would often find myself hanging out with my friends and relatives, discovering new things in my neighbourhood and school, and eating ice creams. Although college life is stressful and challenging, it does not mean that an individual should not have fun. The most important thing is finding a balance between excitement and productivity. As you join college, you should not be scared to set time aside daily to do the things that bring out your happiness. You can also try and sit on your own and reflect on your life. It is found that students who reflect are more in touch with their inner selves and can thus make better decisions.

Maintain your communication with friends and family

I have seen many people getting carried away with the freedom and exciting activities in college to the point that they forget about their family and friends. During your freshmen year, and even as you advance your studies, you should ensure that you call or at least text your family and friends back at home and let them know about how you are progressing at school. In as much as you are establishing new friendships in school, you should not forget about your pals back at home. Even as you are having difficulty adjusting to your new life, the odds are that your friends and family are also having a difficult time dealing with your absence. Regardless of how busy you are, you should ensure that you spare some time to connect with your family and friends at least once a week.

Become acquainted with your roommates

It isn’t easy to live with a person you have never met your entire life. It is more challenging to be surrounded by unfamiliar people. To ensure that you all get along smoothly and to avoid any form of misunderstandings, you should ensure that you lay some ground rules. Naturally, you may not get along with or become close friends with all of them. However, you must make some agreements to ensure you can accommodate one another. For instance, talking over the phone, inviting friends, hours of silence, and cleaning are some of the things you should discuss and have a common conclusion. Regarding your hostel, you should not develop the habit of spending all your time indoors. Ensure you go out, interact with everybody, and enlarge your social circle.

Eat well

In most cases, students concentrate too much on their studies such that they forget to have their breakfast and dinner, which are the most important meals in a day. As a student, you should always remember that your brain needs energy for it to operate effectively. Like a mobile phone requires being charged for it to work, your body needs energy obtained from nutritious foods to perform various activities efficiently. As a student, you should always remember that having a balanced diet is as important as the good grades you strive to get.

Ensure that you watch your health

Many students forget one thing during their first year in college. You cannot do well in school unless you are healthy. You will not be able to attend your classes unless your body is in the proper condition to do so. When you fail to take care of your health and end up falling sick, it will directly impact your ability to perform and engage in the activities that mater. Make sure that you check on your health no matter how busy you get with your schoolwork. When you take good care of yourself, you can be confident that you will always perform at 100%. Always ensure that you get regular and planned check-ups with your doctor each time. This will ensure that you are still aware of your health status so that you do not unknowingly fall ill.

Having impressive writing skills will assist you in scoring remarkable grades in your essays. Regardless of the career, you are studying for, it will involve some form of writing. Therefore, as you join college, you should ensure that you have excellent writing skills. College life should also provide you with an opportunity to advance your knowledge, enlarge your social circle, explore new and exciting places, and acquire new skills. However, as you desire to score impressive grades, you should also ensure that you have an adequate amount of sleep and eat balanced food.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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