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Tips For Choosing The Best Qipao For The Wedding



Various patterns of Chinese dresses are popular among people. One of the best options that people arrange for their wedding day is the qipao. The origination of this pattern of the dresses was there in china during the Manchu rule. Later with time, the use of such dresses spread all over the world.

This form of robe chinoise femme is known to be the best traditional option. If the person has decided to use this dress, then he needs to keep in mind certain tips that will help in making the selection:

Analyze The Height Of The Collar

One of the crucial parts of the qipao is the collar, as it gives the dress an attractive look. In general, the height of the qipao ranges from 3cm to 5cm to give a good level of comfort to the person.

If a person wishes to have a different look in the dress, opting for a collar height of about 5-5.6 cm would be a good option. A person needs to keep in mind that the collar height must be of moderate size, as the higher the collar height is, the more uncomfortable option they will be.

Choose The Suitable Color

The person needs to be careful while making the election for the color of the dress. The color must be such that it is in accordance with the tone of the person’s skin. In most cases –people opt for the red color for the dress of their wedding. However, now the tradition is not the same, people are even shifting to new color options like pink, blue, and green.

Go Through The Style Of The Dress

Qipao is a dress that is not just available in a single style. There are various styles of dresses that are available for the people. A person can go for the style that he thinks will be the best option as per the body’s shape. If the dress is as per the person’s style, the overall look will improve, and the person will look attractive.


Even the sleeves of the dress are equally important. These days there are a variety of designs of the sleeve that normally people opt for. Even sleeveless is a good option for marriage for the people in the month of the summers.  The shape of the shoulders of the person will help in deciding the person the shape of the sleeves.

Ma Robe Chinoise | Votre spécialiste des Robes Chinoises

The Traditional Chinese Clothing And Dresses

When exploring China, we have seen the traditional clothes of the Chinese and dresses. Traditional clothing involves long, loose, and straight pants and gowns. In ancient times tunics were like long and full-sleeved dresses. Nowadays, Chinese architecture and philosophy changed a lot. There are different types of traditional Chinese clothing.

Hanfu- This is the most famous traditional Chinese clothing

The Hanfu ( the Han clothing is of the Han ethnicity in Chinese) is the oldest fabric of the traditional clothes. The Huangdi’s consort is made up of silk material back 4,000 years. This is constantly improved throughout the dynasties. However the Han dynasty, the Hanfu was taken off and strongly promoted by the ruling class. Then the Han ethnic has become the obe chinoise femme among the people. It has also shipped to neighboring countries like Korea and Japan.

Nowadays, Hanfu clothing is worn on special occasions like festivals and wedding ceremonies. Most people use varieties of ornaments to look nice on the Hanfu, wear on the belts, and decorate with flowers. Those who are richer do more decorations on the dress. Men wear hats, and women carry umbrellas and headpieces with the Hanfu.

Qipao- the most famous traditional Chinese dress

The Manchu cheongsam developed the long- gown for the women; it is also known as the Manchu women’s changpao in the Qing dynasty. This ethnic of the Manchu people are also called the Qi people to the Han people. The Qing dynasty also developed other styles of dress like the Beijing style, the shanghai style, and the Hong Kong style. The styles are the same but differ in their qualities, designs, and materials.

Tang suit

The Chinese jacket is a type of Tang suit but rather than the clotting of the Tang dynasty. It was manufactured by the type of the era’s Manchurian clothing. The tang empire is the most powerful in the world, and the foreigners in the overseas Chinese. The Tang people mostly wore Tang suits, and this wore to express their good luck and best wishes. The Tang suit is mostly worn as a formal dress in the new year.

The Zhongshan suit- Traditional formal

The Zhongshan suit is also called a Mao suit overseas, which is the type of men’s jacket. The design of this suit is mainly a combination of traditional Chinese and western styles. This suit wears in casual or formal occasions because of its design of the suit, its pleasing appearance, and its stable impression.

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