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Tips for Booking a Storage Unit Near You



Storage Unit

Storage units are a great way to keep your items safe while freeing up some needed space in your home or office. Self-storage units are great for both long-term and short-term solutions. No matter if you need to free up space in your garage or need a place to store belongings while you move, you can find the right storage facility for your needs in just about every town and city. If you are looking at renting a storage unit, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Storage units cost anywhere from around $100 to $300 per month. Depending on your size and storage requirements, you could pay slightly more or less for a unit in your area. However, renting a storage unit is a little more complicated than simply finding the lowest-priced option. There is a range of things to think about, including the location of your unit, storage facility amenities, and your access needs. There are many options to compare with over 48,000 storage facilities across the United States.

Before you book a storage unit near you, you need to carefully consider the items that you want to store and the amount of space that you will need. Once you have figured out exactly what you need, you can begin looking for self-storage options that fit your needs. Let’s take a look at some tips for booking a storage unit in your area.

Choose the right size for your needs.

One of the most important things that you need to do when booking a storage unit is to consider how much space you need. In general, storage units are offered in a few sizes ranging from small 5×5 units to large 10×20 spaces. You may be able to find even larger spaces at specialty storage facilities. It is important to note that the monthly price you pay for a storage unit will be closely tied to the size of your space. A 5×5 unit will hold the contents of a large closet or small room, while a 10×20 unit can usually fit the contents of a three-bedroom home.

You can consult with storage facility staff as well as sizing guides to determine what size unit you might need. Take an accurate account of everything you need to store to get a unit that is best for your needs. You may need to find some creative packing methods to get all of your stuff in a smaller space. If you get a storage unit that is too big, you will be paying for space that you don’t need.

Decide what type of unit you need.

Another element you need to consider carefully is the type of unit you need. Many storage facilities offer outdoor units without heating or air conditioning. These are generally less expensive but will not protect your belongings from extreme seasonal temperature changes. If you have expensive antiques, electronics, or other items sensitive to varying temperatures, you might need to consider an indoor unit with climate control. These units are more expensive but will ensure that your items are stored at consistent temperatures all year long.

Check the access times.

Some storage facilities offer 24-hour access options, while others have limited availability after business hours. Depending on your needs and access requirements, you will need to factor this into your decision. For example, 24/7 access is ideal if you have important business inventory or other items stored that you may need at different times. Because of the technology and security features needed to allow for 24-hour access, these units may come at a higher price. You’ll also want to take note of the office hours to get a good idea of when staff might be available to assist you.

Everyone has different needs for the type of storage unit they require. Doing some research and considering all of your options will help you find the storage space for your situation.

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