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This New York Fashion Designer Is Destined for Great Things: Meet Mikayla Yasmine, CEO of The KMARIE Project



DO U BOO? That’s the central question behind the latest line from celebrated fashion designer Mikayla Yasmine. Founded in 2019 when she was only 17, Mikayla’s fashion sense continues to impress even her toughest critics.

Like most teenagers she suffered from body image issues, including unwanted weight gain, acne, and low self-esteem. But unlike most teenagers she choose to channel those issues into something more positive. She did this by starting her own fashion line.

What’s most inspiring about Mikayla is that she did it all herself. The line was created with money from her allowance along with her summer camp salary. This level of passion and dedication definitely comes off in her work, and since then she’s only gone from strength to strength.

After four years in the fashion industry, The KMarie Project has reached the point where it’s about the go global. It’s easy to see why. This collection has a number of highlights. The biggest is probably her commitment to inclusion and diversity. You see, unlike most fashion designers, who only cater for what society considers “beautiful” and petite, Mikayla prefers to see the inner beauty present in everyone.

This is why she follows the mantra of “Be your own beautiful.” Her design philosophy is simple: everyone is beautiful in their own right – no matter what you look like. Beauty is not only based on how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. What’s more, self-worth comes from within and isn’t something you can buy off a shelf.

This wasn’t an easy road to follow. Most people are only concerned with what’s on the outside, and will quickly dismiss anyone who doesn’t fit a certain “standard.” But having dealt with her own personal struggles, Mikayla wasn’t about to turn her back on other people going through these issues. This philosophy has certainly paid off.

After starting out from almost nothing, she’s now enjoying success beyond her wildest dreams. This includes consulting with Tiffany Ellzy, the marketing manager at Sean John. The experience has proven to be invaluable and under the direction of Ms. Ellzy, Mikayla has gone from strength to strength.

Her line is now placed in stores from New York to New Jersey. The two primary locations being DaSpot in Brooklyn NY and The Designers Market at the American Dream Mall in Rutherford NJ. Along with this Mikayla is currently looking into branching out to other physical locations to premier her lines.

With this level of astonishing success, important people are taking notice. Mikayla has thus far received acknowledgement from media personalities and other celebrities. This includes CBS anchor Lisa Mateo and more. In addition to this, Mikayla was also noted in the list of 20 under 20 most successful young entrepreneurs. Not only that, producers are starting to take notice and this line may soon feature on TV shows and drama series.

But the best is yet to come. In 2022 The KMarie Project is launching a new and exclusive line. The DO U BOO Limited Edition. With this level of success and at such a young age, who knows what the future holds in store for Mikayla Yasmine.

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