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This is how you should do the planning of a trip




Everyone knows that each one of us was bored by staying at home for so many months, everyone wants to visit any place except their home. The best solution for this problem is planning a trip. Now you have lots of questions in your mind, where to go, where to live, and most importantly how to manage a budget.

If you want to go with friends then you take days to choose a place and sometimes you end up canceling the trip. If you plan a trip with family then the different choices end into quarrels. Yes, planning a trip is not easy you need to have proper guidance for it.

  • Some tips and tricks for online hotel booking:

Wherever you go you spend most of your money on the place where you are staying. When you visit a new place you have to look for a hotel unless and until if some of your relatives live in that same place. Jokes apart, whenever you go on a trip one of the big tasks is booking the hotel. There are few important things you should always keep in mind while choosing a hotel.

Wherever you will stay for 8 to 10 days you will have to pay 8 to 10 thousand according to the days and type of hotel. Hotel is a big task of your funding in trip planning. One most important thing while booking the hotel you should remember is to book the hotel as soon as you can. Try to avoid delay.

The more you wait the more you will have to pay for the hotel as rates start increasing. You can do the booking from any of your favorite websites. Nowadays hotels don’t ask you to pay the stay amount at the time of booking, you can pay later. You can reserve that hotel and later if you found a good deal then you can cancel your reservation. After booking the hotel doesn’t relax with a mindset that your work has been done, continue your checking for other deals.

Keep on checking offers and benefit yourself with the offers and bonuses that are available online. This will save you money. If you went to Ahmedabad you can stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Ahmedabad. Always check the location of your hotel in the Google map, to avoid extra money for traveling. Look at the transportation service, how much you will have to pay for transport from your hotel and choose the hotel accordingly. Depending on your budget choose the hotel wisely and nicely, So that you will spend a good and stress-free vacation.

  • Best planning of Ahmedabad trip:

Day 1 – You can travel to Ahmedabad by train, bus, and air. Direct buses are available from the Capital of India Delhi. The first place you need to visit when you come to Ahmedabad is the Sabarmati riverfront. No trip to Ahmedabad is complete without visiting the Sabarmati riverfront. It is a ground jewel of Ahmedabad. It has become the identity of this city; it is equivalent to the Marine Drive of Mumbai.

As the name suggests it is the riverfront that is made up near the river. There is a big place here where people can walk, exercise and stroll. Flower Park is there on the other side of the river. Cameras aren’t allowed in this place. Other than that it is an absolute visit place in Ahmedabad. The next place is Kankaria Lake, which is a popular recreation center in Ahmedabad. It is surrounded by a park, bout clubs, museum, and zoo. It is must visit when you come to Ahmedabad. When you love architecture then you should visit Jama Masjid. It was built in 1423 and it has 260 pillars and they support 15 domes at various elevations.

This place truly shows the diversity of the city. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. The next place is Gandhi Ashram; this Sabarmati Ashram is by far the biggest attraction of Ahmedabad. This Ashram was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1915. Dandi March started from this Sabarmati Ashram. You can see here the three monkeys, Mahatma Gandhiji’s teachings, his life everything. It is inspiring here. This will end day 1 of your trip. Eat the dinner and give yourself rest for the next day.

  • Day 2:

After doing breakfast you can go to AdalajStepwell, Adalaj is a small village situated in North India 18 kilometers away from the city. This Stepwell was built in the 15th century. It is flat from the upper part and as you go down you will realize how deep it is. Its entire structure rests on so many pillars and as you keep going down you will realize that it is such a deep Stepwell.

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You will get to see Indo-Islamic architecture here, which is unique in India. The next spot is Heritage walk. It is organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. This is because Ahmedabad is declared as India’s first Heritage city. You can do the online booking if you want to take the Heritage Walk. You will see the old Ahmedabad through this walk. You can take this walk with a minimum of 3 people.

Next must visit place in Ahmadabad is ManekChowk, it is a street food market and you should visit there in the evening. Last but not least place to visit in Ahmedabad is the old city Teen Darwaja. Ahmedabad is a real contrast city that has IIM, River Port, and Teen Darwaja. The old city has Teen Darwaja and various polls. It is such an overwhelming place where you can experience the typical Indian market.

This is just a 2-day trip plan but if you want to stay for more than 2-days then you can explore this city by visiting different places. You can stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Ahmedabad. One of the famous places is Statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Enjoy your trip safely and take care of yourself.

James Smith is the writer for Munchkin Press. He is a young American writer from California and is currently traveling around the world. He has a passion for helping people and motivates others.

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