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Talk of the Town: The Top Nice Neighborhoods in Texas



Nice Neighborhoods in Texas

Between 2019 and 2021, at least 19 major companies moved their headquarters to Texas. Each of these business owners has their motivations, but many of them cite lower taxes and a more attractive cost of living as reasons for the move.

Do these sound like attractive reasons for you to head to Texas, too? If you’re working remotely at present or looking for a new career, nothing is stopping you.

Step one is deciding where to live in Texas. It’s easy to find Nice Neighborhoods in Texas where you can enjoy a happy and prosperous life. Keep reading for a snapshot of the best ones.

Cottonwood Creek South

This Richardson neighborhood comes in first place on plenty of lists highlighting the best places to live in Texas. It’s in Dallas County and only 2.6 miles from this popular metropolis.

Cottonwood Creek centers around the University of Texas and the Canyon Creek Country Club, where residents spend many hours enjoying an 18-hole championship course, spa, bar, and restaurant.

It’s an affluent neighborhood where almost everyone owns their own home and most property prices are way above the national average at $329,500. Single-family homes dominate the real estate market here, and it’s regarded as a great place to raise children.

That’s thanks to the rural suburban feel and abundance of good schools in the area. Cottonwood Creek Park is a wonderful, manicured venue where the community can hang out, arrange events, or simply relax amid cool, green spaces.

Heights Park

Another Richardson gem, Heights Park shares many demographic similarities with Cottonwood Creek. Houses are a little cheaper in this part of Dallas County at $289,365.

It’s a kid- and canine-friendly neighborhood with wide sidewalks for dog walking, biking, and playing. The area boasts a 33-acre community park featuring a playground, swimming pool, and sports fields.

There are plenty of daycare facilities and good schools in the area, but it’s worth noting that you will need a car to do most things in Heights Park. There’s no shortage of places to wine and dine in Heights Park, and only three grocery stores nearby.

Fortunately, you only need to drive around 15 miles to enjoy all the benefits of Dallas, and there are a few bus services in the area.

Overall, Heights Park offers a quiet lifestyle excluded from the hubbub of the city suburbs and is a top pick for young professionals raising their families.

Cinco Ranch

If your heart beats in time to the throb of the big city, this suburb of Houston might be a match for you. Cinco Ranch is just 30 minutes drive away from the bustle of Houston but offers a quiet suburban respite when needed.

Due to this, property prices have soared in recent times as people seek to escape the crowds of the city. The average price of a home in Cinco Ranch is around $483,000 compared to $350,000 in Houston.

This inflated average is largely due to the extravagant mansions in the area, boasting every amenity under the sun.

If you’re looking for something a little more down-to-earth, with 3 bedrooms and an acre of land, you can still find something for around $350.

Cinco Ranch has a strong family focus with many good public schools and plenty of play areas. Here children can enjoy a community swimming pool, fishing ponds, sports fields and courts, seasonal events, and summer camps.

This is a master-planned community, so you can rest assured you’ll find a good selection of restaurants, shops, and grocery stores wherever you choose to live in this suburb.

The Woodlands

This city in Montgomery County is a one-time winner of the ‘Best City in America’ distinction and epitomizes Texas living at its finest. It’s practically a suburb of Houston, which is only 29 miles away.

It’s considered an upmarket area and boasts a cost of living that’s slightly higher than the Texas average.

This isn’t the main reason people love The Woodlands, though. The secret’s right there in the name.

This city boasts a lovely forested environment which residents get to enjoy at 140 parks and along over 220 miles of biking and hiking trails. It’s the ideal mix between a solid infrastructure, city conveniences, and abundant nature.

Being a master-planned community, residents can rest assured they have the best of everything they need at their fingertips in The Woodlands.

Thanks to its nationwide fame, home prices in this area are on the rise, averaging around $374,000 at present.


Lingering in the corner of Dallas County around 22 miles from the inner city, Coppell offers some of the best schooling in Texas as well as a host of recreational amenities.

Some of these include:

  • Parks, pavilions, and trails
  • Community center
  • Tennis center
  • Dog park
  • Farmers market
  • Sports facilities
  • Golf course

This is a supremely affluent neighborhood and one of the most upmarket places to live in Texas. Houses in this part of the world cost around $522,000, and the cost of living is considerably higher than the state average.

Yet, upwardly mobile young professionals continue to flock here for its tranquil, efficient environment with plenty of options for relaxation and community activities.

Alamo Heights

San Antonio is a wonderful destination for a festive atmosphere and boasts some of the best things to do in Texas. The frenetic activity can get a bit much after a while, though.

That’s why people choose Alamo Heights, just 12 miles away, for a quiet environment that offers easy access to the action. It’s one of San Antonio’s most affluent areas, with home prices averaging in the high 500s.

If you’d rather settle for a charming, small cottage instead of a mansion, you’ll find much more affordable properties in this area, though.

Alamo Heights offers a great variety of quirky specialty shops and boutiques as well as two large malls to see to your every need, so you only need to venture into the city for special events, or work if necessary.

Since it has its own municipality, the area has a sense of self-governance and a heightened ambiance of security. The Alamo Heights school district is at the top of its game and one of the most highly rated in the state.

Old Enfield

Old Enfield is a gorgeous historic area of Austin, located close to the University. It’s awash with tree-lined avenues and gracious homes set back from the street, as well as abundant green spaces.

It’s regarded as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Austin, with many homes in the million-dollar price range. So, it’s not surprising that most Old Enfield residents rent houses to stay in.

Austin is only a short drive away, but this green space provides a welcome respite from the city bustle thanks to the Shoal Creek Greenbelt in its eastern section.

This vast forested area has an extensive hiking and biking trail as well as a lake and opens up into Pease Park, with wide expanses of lawn, dog parks, and playing fields.

Apart from hosting an annual Jazz Festival, Pease Park is also the scene of Eeyore’s Birthday, one of Austin’s quirkier traditions.

Most children living in Old Enfield attend school in Austin or the local private institution, Mathews Elementary School.


In 2019, Timberbrook soared up the rankings of best places to live in America thanks to its great family vibe and excellent security ratings.

Timberbrook is in Plano, about 6 miles from Dallas, and it’s a lot more affordable than most of the above locations. Homes in this area cost an average of $325,000.

It’s a clean, orderly neighborhood with lots of play areas for children and great infrastructure. It’s close to the Oak Point Park and Nature Reserve where you can enjoy walking, hiking, biking, and picnicking in your leisure time.

The local McCall Elementary School scores 9 out of 10 for educational excellence, and the area has many activities for children to enjoy.

There are many parks and playgrounds, like Northhaven Park, Caruth Park, and Germany Park, and even a small farmyard for them to enjoy.

There’s no doubt local movers have got their hands full, as Dallas is clearly the place to be nowadays. So, book early if you’re planning to move soon.

Making the Most of Nice Neighborhoods in Texas

Once you’ve made your choice from all these Nice Neighborhoods in Texas, your search for the perfect home begins. Thanks to the huge influx of new residents, coupled with a real estate boom, this could prove quite the challenge.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our website features a wide range of home improvement tips and ideas to help make any house a home, no matter where you’re living in Texas.

Browse our blog for all the best home renovation ideas and inspiration.

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